Gourmet Pizza Party

gourmet pizza party

gourmet pizzas

Gourmet Pizza Party

Pizzazzerie is about parties, not pizza. But combine the two and host a gourmet pizza party! That’s what some friends recently did at their house, and we had a blast. With fresh local ingredients, we mix-matched wheat and white crust, almost a dozen types of fresh vegetables, and lots of delicious sauces as well! We even had voting after each pizza where we gave votes for “crust, toppings, and overall taste”.

We paired our gourmet pizzas with a red wine from a local, Tennessee vineyard. Choose your favorite drink! Wine and pizza are great together! I even have a cookbook all about the pairing of wine and pizza. A cooking tip – use hot stones to get the oven as hot as possible! You can usually find pizza stones at kitchen and houseware stores.

The favorite of the night? The Buffalo Chicken with blue cheese was fabulous! We drizzled a delicious sauce instead of marinara and it was to-DIE-for! And I don’t even like buffalo sauce.

Other neat pairing ideas: heirloom tomato and onion, shrimp and spinach, pesto and chicken! What other great pizza topping ideas do you have?


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