Host a Pinterest-Worthy Fall Craft Party

Host a Pinterest-Worthy Fall Craft Party! Tips on food + crafts!

You know all those amazingly cute autumn and fall crafts all over Pinterest? Let this be the year you actually try a few of them. In fact, gather your girlfriends and host a fall craft party! I’ve curated the best of the best so you can easily send over a few craft ideas and let your gal pals pick their top 3 faves. That way

Spring Craft Party!

Spring Craft Party

Spring has sprung! Enjoying outdoors, hosting spring parties, and sipping on refreshing drinks is so much more fun than being cooped up in the cold weather, don’t ya think? Sweet Vanessa of See Vanessa Craft (who I had the lovely pleasure of meeting at my Phoenix book signing) shared her SPRING CRAFT PARTY – and we love it!