Pink Gingerbread House Tea Party

pink gingerbread house tea party

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pink gingerbread house village

pink gingerbread house

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pink gingerbread house tea party

pink gingerbread house tea party

pink gingerbread house

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Pink Gingerbread House Tea Party

You may have seen a few sneak peeks of this Pink Gingerbread House Tea Party over on our Facebook page! It’s no surprise we like pink around here (Pink-O-Ween). So it was only natural to give the Christmas season a pink twist. My Mom and I have been making gingerbread houses since I was a tiny one. We have made pink ones through the years.

So we pulled together and put on our Princess Caps to make this party design! We love tea parties so incorporating that was a must. I have several tea sets at home from when I was a child so we pulled those out!

Using a silver ornament tree, we cut off the red/green ornaments and swapped in pinks and purples. It’s easy to take a few holiday decorations and give them a pink twist. Or maybe a purple twist – whatever your heart desires!

I think this party would be perfectly gorgeous for a mother/daughter tea over the holidays. It is something we used to host every year when I was growing up, and became a lovely tradition.

To make the gingerbread houses you see above – find the instructions in our previous post HERE.  To see a different take on the gingerbread house party – we also showcased a whimsical red and green children’s decorating party HERE.

Love this party idea? We’d LOVE for you to share it with friends and family this season so they too can be inspired to entertain in style!


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