Planning The Big Day: Bridesmaid Dresses

Planning the Big Day: Bridesmaid Dresses

I promised myself I’d never be that bride that made her girls walk down the aisle in something unsightly….think layers of taffeta, oodles of crinoline and bows where bows are just NOT meant to be. So when choosing the dresses for my bridesmaids I had a few goals in mind: You WILL be able to wear it again, you WON’T have to re-mortgage your house to pay for it and you WILL feel comfortable and beautiful : )

That said….when you have 5 ladies of all different shapes, heights and personalities, it’s hard to please everyone, so I decided that I’d let them wear whatever they wanted! (Well, sorta….there are a few guidelines– I’m not crazy after all and I don’t want a line-up akin to Katherine Heigl’s squad in “27 Dresses”)

My only requirements are that the material/designer/color are the same….after that- go nuts! Off the shoulder?-Fabulous. Strapless?- I love it. Pockets?-Go for it. As long as you’re sporting purple shoes to match your emerald dress and lavender flowers– you’d good to go!

Now on to the task of actually selecting that material/designer/exact shade….you have NO IDEA how overwhelming this task can be…I mean it sounds easy enough, until you get to the store and they hand you 50 lbs of swatch books and tell you to choose….while making sure you note the little asterisks that indicate you actually in fact CANNOT get the dress you want in this color…oy

But it must be done! So once again, I ask for your opinion…what do you think of these? I want something fun, bright and classy that you can put on again for the next wedding you get invited to…don’t you wish all brides were like me? Hehe ;)



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