Cute Mini Heart S’more Treats!

Make Heart S'mores for Valentine's Day!

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I’ve been eyeing all the cute pink and red treats in the stores! Among all the chocolate, I spotted some pink and white heart marshmallows – hello – perfect for Valentine’s heart s’mores! They’re big, fluffy, and oh so delicious! I went to work whipping up a mini s’more treat! If you have to create little Valentine’s for friends or your children’s friends then may I suggest these cuties. They would also be great for a Valentine’s party treat or favor idea.

Make Heart S'mores for Valentine's Day!

The items above are all you need! I placed mine in little clear plastic treat containers (found at a party store) but you could use cupcake liners or even package them in cellophane bags with a bow for “to-go” s’mores! I chose the classic Hershey’s chocolate bar but of course you could get creative with Reese’s or other chocolate treats.

Make Heart S'mores for Valentine's Day!

You can absolutely stop with the heart marshmallows, but I couldn’t help adding a little embellishments with heart sprinkles. I found the jumbo heart sprinkles at Michael’s. I just used a little melted chocolate to adhere the sprinkle heart to the marshmallow! You could also use frosting as a “glue”. Cute, huh?

Make Heart S'mores for Valentine's Day! Make Heart S'mores for Valentine's Day! Make Heart S'mores for Valentine's Day!

These little cuties really are as easy as they look! Just pull together the ingredients and assemble into a little container! Or serve them on a platter ready to grill! I hope you love this easy Valentine’s treat. I have several other cute Valentine’s ideas coming your way soon so if you’re not signed up for email updates, you can do so here so you won’t miss any new posts!


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