Finally Fall Sweet Station

Finally Fall Sweet Station

There are few things that make me happier than a table full of treats, so needless to say, putting together this sweet station for a Finally Fall themed party was a treat in itself!

I started out by deciding on a color palette of golds, brown and oranges to reflect the hues of the leaves when they start turning (love how beautiful they always look!). I then used the autumn versions of some of my favorite candies and displayed them in fun glasses and vases-these look great and they are easy for guests to grab and munch on.

Next, add some dimension to your table by creating height- I attached gold chargers to some candle holders to display the cookies, cake and colorful cupcakes! Plus, tie in your colors and create a playfulness by adding little bows to decorate your treats and glasses.

Lastly, and undoubtedly my favorites, are the candy skewers and caramel apples! I created the skewers with some simple Halloween taffey and pumpkin Peeps- so easy to do! The apples were made by dipping the fruits in caramel and nuts then letting them set in the fridge- Yum : )