DIY “Trick or Treat Ghost”!

DIY Paper Pouch!

Hi, it’s Sara from Confetti Sunshine here. Have you ever found yourself making something and wishing it was for you? Can I admit that I feel that way about a little paper ghost? It might sound beyond ridiculous, but I love paper and just about anything made out of paper.. even silly little printer paper ghosts filled with candy. Good thing they are easy and cheap enough to make that I can pop out a few dozen and keep a few for myself.

DIY trick or treat paper pouch!  

To make your own DIY Paper Ghost Pouches you will need:

Printer paper

Sewing machine

Black marker

Toothpick (optional)

Washi tape (optional)

DIY Paper Ghost Pouch!  

1: Take a sheet of printer paper and fold it in half.
2: Sew 2 “U” shapes through the paper. The “U” should open at the bottom, and the round end of the “U” should be at the fold. But, if you do mess up, you’ll notice it, so just redo.
3: Cut around your “U” shapes, leaving approximately 1/4 inch around the edges.
4: Draw your cute little ghost face on the ghost.
5: Stuff your ghost with all your yummy candy.
6: Sew the bottom of the ghost close and cut the edge by hand or with decorative scissors.
7: Make a small festive flag with washi tape and a toothpick.
8: Stick your festive Halloween flag into your ghost. Ghosts really like flags, didn’t you know that?
9: Make a bunch of ghost friends!

DIY Paper Ghost

Seriously, though, aren’t these the cutest little ghosts you’ve ever seen? And, with them being cheaper than not (can anyone say printer paper isn’t cheap?), they are a perfect little Halloween treat to pass out at a school carnival, trunk or treat, or even for trick or treat.

And, can I give a little pitch in for the small washi tape flags? I love them in the Halloween colors! They might be adorning my daughter’s lunches from here until Halloween.

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