Planning the Big Day: “The Venue”

wedding choosing the venue

Planning the Big Day: Choosing a Venue

Ok, I’m a WEE bit of a planner ;) so I must say I had an idea of where I wanted to get married before I even had the ring. They tell you that you can’t really start too much until you have that date booked so I figured I should get on it asap. I pictured a bright and beautiful venue with gardens, water and a lot of light. I wanted ducks, an outdoor cocktail hour and a serene but unique vibe- easy right? Ha…not so much.

Having already seen several venues just from attending weddings and helping my sister plan, I had narrowed it down to about 3-4 places to go check out, so Tom and I planned a day to go see them, on our own…I must say it was a fun day but definitely interesting…the names below have been changed to “protect the innocent”:

Venue 1: “The Farm”

Well the website for this place showed gorgeous orchards, a beautiful bridge, and a quaint ballroom. Lovely! I was so excited to visit what seemed to be a perfect fit for us….then we got there. I ask you, is it normal for the exterior of a building to be so filthy that you can barely read the name of the place through the soot? Deep breaths, maybe it’s better inside….maybe not. Out of respect for the manager’s time, we did the walk through, but when he told us there would be an extra fee to “remove the animal droppings from the ceremony site” I was done….NEXT PLEASE.

Venue 2: “The Hotel”

Ok, well this will be more like it! A classy hotel on the water, accommodations built right in, food we already love…good stuff! Well, almost. While the ‘hotel’ certainly met more of our needs- it still wasn’t just right. First we were told there would be no place for us to take photos, then that they only had white linens (um- hello???) and the price was WAY over what we had been quoted on the phone…so again, no dice : (

Venue 3 was no better, I’ll spare you the details, but let’s just say that being told “guests from the restaurant may be walking through your reception area at times” did not sit well with us.

At this point I am starting to lose hope…and then- enter Venue 4….(YAY!). Stunning gardens. Breathtaking ballroom. Incredible food. Excellent prices due to taking a date someone else had cancelled that morning (now that’s a sign right?!). Seriously accommodating and friendly staff and several recommendations from close friends…we have a winner!! So we booked it and we are beyond excited! Now, I know you are dying to know where it will be, but….you’ll have to wait until my next post to find out….just because it’s more fun that way….hehe : )