A glimpse into the pre-wedding craziness!

Hi, ya’ll! Just about two weeks until my wedding! Holy WOWEE! How did it arrive so soon? Whew. Anyway, when I’m not doing Pizzazzerie or other work (or trying to get my new house in some sort of order), I’m full-on wedding mode. Yesterday was meeting with the chapel organist, this evening is hotel gift baskets, tomorrow is getting bridesmaid gift’s wrapped. The fun never ends, haha!

I asked some of you over on the Facebook Page about which ideas you’d like a little peek into… so without further ado…here are some snippits into the makings of my wedding!

Disclaimer: all these photos were taken with my iphone, I’m spinning plates these days so no time for the DSLR…

This is an extra room in my new house that I have dubbed “the wedding room” because I throw everything in there that is wedding related. It’s a mess.

the wedding room pizzazzerie

Sarah asked about invitations + paper products, ah, one of my favorite details. Amber Housley is working hard on these details. Here is a sneak peek at invitations…

PIZZAZZERIE wedding invitations

Gigi asked about family traditions that I’m incorporating into the wedding. Well, this is more of an honorary addition to the wedding rather than a tradition but my Mom brought my late grandmother’s wedding shoes and a write-up from the newspaper after her own wedding. Both will be displayed at the reception. I was very close to my grandmother, she passed away 2 years ago at the age of 93. I’ll be wearing her engagement ring on my right hand that night.

grandmother's wedding shoes

Angela asked about bridesmaid dresses. They are Alfred Sung by the Dessy group in a rich, emerald green! Here was my inspiration for them as a little hint hint!

bridesmaid dresses

The cake! Several of you asked about the cake. This is my favorite element of a wedding. I will actually have three cakes (hello, you can never have too much cake). The two side cakes will sit upon a cake stand by Sarah’s Stands. That’s all I can say!

Favors! My mother hand-made all 200 of the wedding favors. She’s actually sitting next to me finishing the bows for them. They are made 100% of sugar, but that’s all I can say on that too!

Here are some signs that Mom + I just placed in concrete (working with concrete in 95 degrees is on the bottom of my fun list).

Here are some cutie little bow-tie decorations that will appear at the wedding but I can’t tell you where yet!

bowtie wedding details

So there you have it, a glimpse into my pre-wedding craziness! We’re under 2 weeks and counting! Can’t wait to share the real pictures with you after the big day!


  1. 23
    Arlene via Facebook says:

    Such an exciting post! can’t wait to see the end result! everything will be beautiful! :)

  2. 24

    So super cute!!! I’m guessing the bow ties are for drinks. Can’t wait to see the pics & wishing you a beautiful wedding!

  3. 25

    Oh my goodness Courtney! I can see you in every detail. Beautiful and bold and will make a statement for sure! I can not wait to see the rest and enjoy your last week as a single lady!

  4. 26

    Congrats on your upcoming wedding! I hope you love the cake stands. I look forward to seeing pics of your wedding cake and all the other details. Sarah (from Sarah’s Stands).

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