Planning the Big Day: I Found My Dress!

Planning the Big Day: I Found My Dress!

So by now you know I am not a traditional girly-girl bride. I haven’t been planning this day since I was 5, I never ran around with a pillowcase on my head and pretended it was my wedding day and I plan on covering my venue in purple peacock feathers….that’s why it may surprise you just how emotional finding my wedding dress actually was.

I didn’t think it would be that way, truth be told- I watch all those dress shows too and snicker at the ridiculous crying women in their poofy gowns, “Jeez, it’s just a dress people, get over it!”….until it happened to me : )

You may remember my post about looking for a dress when I first started out, nothing seemed quite right and I couldn’t decide what I wanted. Gown after gown was dismissed and I felt like I was playing dress-up, maybe I’d never feel comfortable in a wedding dress. Maybe I’m just not one of “those girls”.

Well, one day I broke the cardinal rule and took an army of women with me to my dress appointment at Jaehee Bridal Atelier in NJ…it was a site! Gorgeous gowns everywhere, wine and cheese out for the shoppers and dressing rooms overflowing with anxious brides and consultants. I started looking half heartedly through the racks as I waited for my consultant to be ready. Finally it was time for me to try on my selections.

My sister and I stepped into the ginormous (yes that’s a word) fitting room and I started the process of lifting, tightening, clipping, tying etc. I walked out in about 6 dresses- each to the same responses… “that one’s kinda nice…” “Not sure I like the neckline”…  “You look a little fat…” –ok, haha nobody really said that but it felt that way!

I was starting to lose heart, then Sarah (my genius sales gal) got a twinkle in her eye and said “Wait- I have one more dress”. I’d heard that one before- but then she brought it in. HOLY COW. It was stunning. Everything I wanted, and in my price range. As I stepped into it, I literally and figuratively held my breath, praying it looked as good on me as it did on the hanger.

After some strategic clipping, I walked outside and turned toward the mirror. Wow. I couldn’t believe it. The mouths of my ‘crew’ fell to the floor and my eyes welled up with tears- it was the most beautiful I had ever felt in all my life. Unreal. I never thought I’d get so emotional, but it just happened! People from across the store started shouting how great I looked (!), Sarah was high-fiving me and when I confirmed that this was my dress, everyone actually applauded…lol…just like a lame reality show.

So I can’t show you any pics ;) it’s a surprise, but just know that I am so excited to walk down the aisle in this dress- you have no idea! In fact, I already told Tom that after the wedding I am going to wear it around the house all the time, because I love it just that much : )



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  1. 1

    Leticia says

    Congratulations on finding your dress!!!
    Don’t worry I didn’t think I would cry either. It happens to the best of us. I didn’t get my first choice because it was out of my budget but I got my second…happy!!

  2. 2


    I LOVED this – I’ve been married a wonderfully long time, but every bride, now matter how long ago, always looks back at this time of their life and recalls the search, the find and the feeling you described here.

    Tears.. loving this!

  3. 3

    Aunt Mailee says

    I’m gald u found a dress. I heard Jonelle at her wedding telling Nanny that she loves her dress so much she was going to where it around the house! Every girl wants to wear their dress and u should. No one has has to know if one day u put it on and watch a movie!! Me I wanted to burn mineLOL Can’t wait to see it! Maybe u can email some of the store in Jersey just in case Linda has trouble finding one! Knowing her she will! Aunt Marilee

  4. 4

    Christy says

    Congratulations on finding your dress! Reading this actually brought tears to MY eyes. I got married this past December, and I also did not expect to get emotional when I picked out my dress – I was just hoping to find something that did not make me feel uncomfortable in my own skin at my own wedding. Then, of course, when I was made to feel prettier than I’d ever expected, the tears did fall. Congratulations once again, and thanks for sharing this experience!

  5. 6

    Nicole says

    I also got my dress at JaeHee Bridal. They are wonderful thru the whole process….loved them!
    You are in good hands.

  6. 8


    I was very inspired by thus post, you see I’m getting married in months now and I just can’t find a perfect dress for me. In our place, we don’t have for sale gowns. You need to have them tailored for you. And I am pretty upset because I see a lot of good wedding dresses on the magazines but I don’t know if it really is perfect for me. Sigh! I hope I’d find my dress design in no time.

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