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Taking gorgeous party photos! You’ve been asking for a post on this topic for a long time, so we’re having a little pause in party ideas to address one of the biggest hurdles when it comes to entertaining. Photos! We can’t always have a professional photographer following us around everywhere. Hands down, one of the most asked about topics from readers is photography.

What kind of camera do you use?
What settings do you use on your camera?
How do you get your photos so bright?
What lens are you using?
I hosted a gorgeous party but the photos were dark.
I wish my party photos looked like yours. 

Sound familiar? I understand the stress of photography. I’m not a photographer. I’ve learned what to do to shoot most of my own content (and family events), but believe me, I know it’s hard. So when my book photographer Evin Krehbiel (who I chose to shoot my entire book because I flat out adore her and her work) told me she was creating an online masterclass called PhotoMamas (based of her wildly popular hands-on course in Nashville), I was TICKLED PINK, y’all! She also shoots our family photos, Christmas cards, etc. Finally. She’s sharing all her secrets. I swear I was asking her little questions about photography and looking over her shoulder during every one of my book shoots. Here we go, all of it in one happy place for us! And we can watch it while the little ones nap.

We all need professional photos, but YOU need to be the one taking the pictures in your everyday! 

Evin Krehbiel PhotoMamas Course

Evin shared a little freebie snippet about party photography here. I focus on helping you all shoot better photos at your parties, but truly, don’t we all want to take cute family photos, pictures in the backyard, special events, or just everyday shots too? Yes. That’s why I love this course. You can use the knowledge to take better photos for all situations (and frankly, I’ve used some of her tips when shooting with my phone too).

Free Camera Settings Cheat Sheet

Click here to get Evin’s camera settings cheat sheet! Print it and save it (and save it to your phone for on-the-go)!

Get the Full MasterClass ($50 Off)

Use code PIZZAZZERIESAVE50 to save $50 on the MasterClass! This also makes the perfect gift for a friend, wife, sister, new parent, etc.

Follow along with PhotoMamas on Facebook & Instagram (she gives the best little photo tips)!

If you’re a blogger, I definitely find this course beneficial as we are always shooting content. But even if you just want cute photos of the kids on the back deck eating a popsicle, that’s also perfect! I hear you! Evin covers it all and I’ve already watched the MasterCourse twice, because it was so full of valuable information!

Here’s to gorgeous party photos… and beyond!

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  1. Tina Dahl says:

    Just bought the master class…so excited for this!!!

  2. Charlotte says:

    Courtney what type of camera do you use? I purchased and completed the course it was brilliant!

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