{GIVEAWAY} Host Your Own Chinese New Year’s Party!

chinese new year party2012 is the year of the Dragon, a very important one in the Chinese zodiac year.

Prosperity, peace, happiness and longevity all symbolize the Chinese New Year, one of the most important and festive Chinese holidays. Why not invite your friends over and host a CHINESE NEW YEAR’S PARTY! Attract even more prosperity, peace, and good fortune for the next year.

I teamed up with PF Changs to share how they can help make your party a delicious one. Red envelopes are a traditional gift of the Chinese New Year, and red symbolizes good luck.WANT TO WIN A RED ENVELOPE PRIZE FROM PF CHANGS?! Leave a comment below telling us who embodies the dragon traits in your life (confident, bold, honest, genuine).

1 GRAND PRIZE RED ENVELOPE: A night out at the Bistro with their Dragon and a night in enjoying Home Menu with their favorite Dragon
14 RED ENVELOPE FIRST PRIZES: Home Menu coupons, Bistro gift cards, co-branded t-shirts

15 Winners to be chosen. Deadline to enter is 1/23/12. Winners will be notified 1/24/12. 

Party Ideas for the Chinese New Year!
paper fortune cookies

CUPCAKE LINER FORTUNE “COOKIES”:  Cute baking cup liners are used to make these paper fortunes.  For each one, fold a paper cupcake baking liner as shown, slip the note inside, and apply a dot of craft glue to the bottom of the liner to secure it in place. Want to make the real thing? Find a recipe for Fortune Cookies over on The Bakery Spot!

chinese new year party

CREATE AN ATMOSPHERE: Use a variety of red, orange, and yellow decorations to create the perfect atmosphere. Hang paper lanterns in these colors over console tables full of sweet treats and tasty appetizers. {Party styled by Pure Joy Events for Bird’s Party}

ENJOY PF CHANGS DINNER AT HOME: Make your Chinese New Year’s Party a breeze with PF Changs at home meals. Hello!? Love! PF Changs is one of my fave restaurants so the fact that I can serve “at home” cooked meals to friends at a party that taste just as amazing as in the restaurant is a huge score! They’re easy too which is great for a busy hostess. Find out more about the Home Menu! 

Be sure to enter below to win!





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  1. I’d love this prize! I think the dragon in my life might be my 5-month old son. He has no problem telling me how he is feeling about things and he is bold in everything he does. Of course… we still have time to see if he is really a dragon. But, him being in my life sure has made me more bold, confident and dragon-like. And, it sure makes me need a night out!

  2. Lindsay Kahler says:

    The dragon in my life is my Father. He is always strong and confident, and always making sure that his family members are as well! He is incredibly genuine and generous, even though he is a man of few words!

  3. My best friend Debra is the “dragon” in my life- loving and supportive, but always bold and honest in a loving way! She always speaks the truth in love, and is one of the best people I know!

  4. I adore the cupcake liner fortune cookies. I made them for my New Year’s Eve party, my guests were just thrilled to discover the fun fortunes I had conjured up for them.

  5. I enjoy being the dragon in my life…life is easier that way and a lot more fun.

  6. Alexandra C. : ) says:

    This is sooo much fun! LOVE your page!!!
    I actually do the red envelopes to my family and close friends! I hope I win!!! : )

  7. Mary Beth says:

    I’ve known my friend Marianne for 16 years now (in realizing that it has been that long, I’m shocked!). We met as suitemates in college, and she has always embodied ease in being honest and genuine with her loved ones in the kindest of ways. There is no other friend I will turn to when I need someone to put me in check (she will tell me if I’m over-reacting, being lazy, etc.)! She will give you her honest opinion, and it is never hurtful. Over the years, she has grown into a confident mother and educator, and her example now reaches others. In these ways, she is definitely dragon-like!

  8. Carol-Lynn says:

    Definately my husband. His favorite restaurant is PF Changs!

  9. Janet Daugherty says:

    I love this and want to make the fortune cookies! I want to win the red envelope as well!

    1. Janet Daugherty says:

      My son Michael has the dragon traits! He is bold and ready to embrace whatever comes at him and take charge of it!

  10. I am having a lil girl soon so I would LOVE another way to help celebrate this new Dragon year!!

  11. Great ideas. I am having my own party this weekend. My first time putting it on!
    The paper fortune cookie is very clever tip- need to try this one.
    I am afraid I don’t have PF Chang’s in my neck of the woods but I join my sister and family in Florida every year to go there. It is there favorite go to restaurant.

  12. We are having a Chinese New Year party on Monday with another homeschool family. We have started decorating and can’t wait to enjoy all the fun! (I see your Chinese Yo Yos, I got them also!)

  13. It would definitely be my husband that embodies the dragon traits.


  14. Lauren Yeary says:

    Love the party ideas!! Love PF Changs & Love the 3 dragons in my life!! My mom is a “Strong” dragon because she is a 5 year breast cancer survivor and she faced chemo and everything she had to go through with the strength of a dragon!! My husband is a “Brave” dragon because he served in the military for over 20 years and served a tour in Iraq. My father is just an overall dragon because he is the hardest working person I know!!Thanks!!

  15. The strong person in my life is my mother. She is strong…she is honest…she is genuine. If there was an angel on earth, it would be her. Everyone that knows hers, loves her. She is the best! ALL children, grandchildren, neighbors and friends love her. My dad says that there is no one else comparable to her. :)

  16. Tammy Daves says:

    I would say that my friend Cynthia is my Dragon – great ideas on the cupcake liners – we do a big Chinese meal twice a year at our church I am going to incorporate this for sure… Thanks so much and I ordered your book – cant wait!

  17. THERESA FRANKS says:

    We hope to be preggo the year of the dragon ;) I’d love for our first born to be brought into the world with traits of a dragon *Crosses fingers*

  18. I’d say my best friend of 22 years-we met in 2nd grade and have been inseperable since. I don’t know what I’d do without her!

  19. No doubt my husband is a dragon! Nothing fake whatsoever about him and he is definitely honest (sometimes painfully so LOL)! He is a fire breather!!

  20. This is a friend of mine that I have known for over 25 yrs.

  21. My son, he is an amazing young man

  22. My husband! What a neat give-away.

  23. Lani Derrick says:

    Definetly the hubs in our house! All great traits and he had them all.

  24. My daughter is definately a dragon. She may only be 4 but sometimes I wish I was more like her!

  25. My best friend is the “dragon”! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  26. My brother is the dragon in my life! He’s constantly “fire-breathing” a realistic, yet humorous dose of reality in my life! I love that he is completely genuine (and usually right) when it comes to wisdom in life. His fortune would say: Wit and wisdom are your greatest traits. :)

  27. My daughter is a grad student who works hard, confident in what she is pursuing in her studies and a joy to be around.

  28. My daughter! We amazes me!

  29. Melissa McCormick says:

    My close friend is the dragon! Filled with confidence, bold, honest! She’ll face a problem head on and tells it like it is. Good to have in my life!

  30. Definitely my husband! Coincidentally, he was born in the Year of the Dragon ;)

  31. Definetely my husband!

  32. Courtney-awesome job on the table and partnering up with PF Changs!! My mom is my dragon! She is the best!

  33. Alice Chase says:

    Love Chinese New Year celebrations! We have celebrated every yr since our close friends adopted their daughter from china as an infant. It has served as a reminder and celebration of the land and her homecoming. In my group I am the dragon(spoken like a true dragon, right ? haha.) Thanks so much for doing this!!

  34. Cassandra says:

    My Mom is my dragon!!! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  35. Jane Johnston says:

    I am proud to say that I am finally a DRAGON! Honesty, and being genuine have always been there, but boldness & confidence have had to come with maturity! Loving the wrinkles that come with the battles!!

  36. Jennifer Labecki says:

    The Dragon is the Chinese zodiac sign of both me and my mother. She is the one person that I know that best embodies the traits of the Dragon. She is the most honest and genuine person that I know!

  37. My new boyfriend is so 2012 Year of the Dragon! His honesty and ability to be genuine at every moment are two of the reasons I let him into my life, as I have not dated in five years. Our first ‘date’ was snowboarding together on Jan 2, 2012; we had mongolian bbq at the cliffhouse and his fortune read ‘do it with confidence’. Later that week he asked me to coffee, and boldly laid his feelings on the line! I would love to have a PF Changs Chinese New Year dinner party to introduce each other and our good fortune to our friends.

  38. My grown son is my “dragon” in my life…confident, honest and genuine.Thanks for such a great giveaway. We love P.F. Chang’s

  39. Patti Redford says:

    My husband is my “dragon”. I can always count on him. Love those “cupcake” fortune cookies.

  40. My fiancé is definitely a dragon. He is the most genuine and gutsy person I have ever met. I am thankful he is that way because if he wasn’t, we would have never started dating in the first place because I am way too shy!!

  41. My daughter, Carolyn, is my dragon. She has no problem being the only one on a dance floor, or even asking a guy to dance. If he say’s “no”, she moves on to the next potential dance partner. She is always kind, honest and genuine.

  42. Great decorating ideas! Wishing everybody a great dragon year!

  43. I would say my husband has all the traits of a dragon, however I dont think that is his zodiac sign….love all the party ideas…I am hosting a CNY party with a friend this year, our daughters are from China!!

  44. My husband is the dragon in our family even though he was born in the year of the rooster, haha. Thanks for the giveaway, and as always, beautiful decorations!

  45. My kids are my dragons. They are so genuine in all they do and they continually encourage me to be more bold & confident in my own life.

  46. My mother is a Scorpio born in the year of the Dragon. She is stubborn, hard-working, bold, opinionated…and I love her to pieces!

  47. My mom and stepdad are both my dragons~ I don’t know what I’d do without them~ And we all LOVE PF CHANG’s!

  48. jocelyn heyward says:

    My 6 year old son is my dragon. He is honest. The innocence of our youth. That is the only way he knows to be.

  49. I was born under the dragon sign and have always tried to live my life with “dragon” qualities, somthing I’m very proud of! I just gave birth 2 weeks ago to my 4 daughter Also born under the sign of the dragon! Her father ( a rabbit) and I sure could use some time together enjoying some PF Changs!

  50. This would be great! My sister was born in a dragon year. And she fits those trademarks too. Genuine, honest, confident. Lucky girl.

  51. My family is my dragon! My dad who is bold and genuine, always super nice to everyone. My mom, she is confident and honest, always tells us what she thinks of anything! My husband who is loving and loyal. He is always there for me. I have to say I am a little spoiled. LOL.

  52. I am spilling a secret that I have not shared with the world yet. I am happy to report that after 2 years of trying to conceive, our first child will be born in the year of the dragon! While we still don’t know if they will be a boy or girl, but are sure that under the dragon sign they will be a bold, brilliant ball of joy for us. :)

    1. Congratulations Kristen!!!! Many blessings for your baby and your family!!!

  53. My hubby is my dragon, so I guess I am pretty lucky! What a fun prize to win and what great ideas you shared! I love the cupcake wrappers as fortune cookies. I am planning on making those for our dinner tonight!!!

  54. Elain Ponce De Leon says:

    My hubby is a dragon so we’re looking forward to our good fortune this year! Happy Chinese New Year! Making an asian inspired dinner tonight to celebrate with the kiddies.

  55. Marci Kelly says:

    MY CHILDREN are my dragon traits in my life!!! They are confident, bold, honest, genuine! I am so blessed. With their father in the United States Navy my children (4yrs old and 8yrs old) are all these qualities and more. To celebrate whom they are with this prize would be an amazing gift! Thank you for the contest and all your clever ideas :)

  56. Erica Best says:

    my mom and dad were born the year of the dragon.

  57. Norma Hernandez says:

    Although my mom wasn’t born in the year of the Dragon, she embodies all of those traits, all the time. She never wavers from who she is, regardless of the situation or who she’s dealing with. My mom is definitely my Dragon.

  58. Happy New Year’s ! I would have to say my husband carries the trait of the dragon. He is bold and honest. The dragon symbolizes power, strength, and good luck! =)

  59. Happy New Year’s ! I would have to say my husband carries the trait of the dragon. He is bold and honest. The dragon symbolizes power, strength, and good luck which he defin. is! =)

  60. just found you today- great ideas- Both of my beautiful daughters were born in China- so I will say Gong Xi Fa Cai, which literally means, “Congratulations, May You be Prosperous” Thanks for the chance to win!!

  61. Ashley H. says:

    My mom is my dragon.

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