Creative Dollar Tree Easter Craft Ideas

Dollar Tree Easter Ideas for Parties

One of the top questions I get asked on a regular basis is “How do you afford all the party decorations for each holiday and occasion?My go-to is The Dollar Tree but each dollar store has goodies to be found! Most people might not think to head into their local dollar tree but when you entertain as much as I do, you’ll find it has some fabulous crafty items. I’ve actually seen almost identical items at higher end craft stores and the dollar store. Shop around, ladies!

Here is all that I purchased (for super cheap) and READ ON to see the after!

dollar tree easter

Now, to show you some of the cute items I found and how they can be used for Easters, spring parties, or birthdays!

dollar tree easter party ideas

How cute are these MINI EASTER BOXES? I grabbed a couple designs but there were lots more! Perfect for Easter Parties for the kids! (or puppies, fill these cuties with dog bones – I have puppies on the brain as I just finished a dog birthday shoot!!).

Fill them with popcorn, mini cookies, peeps, easter egg candy, possibilities are endless!

easter tulip pops

This was one of my FAVORITE finds! Tulip Pops! HOW CUTE! Perfectly mini size and long white sticks, they are 6 for $1 – yes.. ALL 6 in 1 pack for $1! Use them as cupcake toppers or tie a bow around all 6 for a favor!

dollar tree easter cupcake liners

Cupcake Liners – you can never have too many! I love the green bunnies for Easter and the plaid for spring occasions!

dollar store easter eggs

A must-have Easter decoration is EASTER EGGS! The dollar stores are filled with different kids of Easter eggs – big packs for oh yes…. $1! These were glittered and come in lots of colors! They also have Easter eggs on sticks that you can use for decoration too! LOVE! Use them to make a Starburst Mirror like this one from JC’s Loft!

easter egg mirror

I hung them from this little pink tree (also $1) that I picked up! For $3 – 2 packs of Easter Eggs + 1 tree – I have a cute decoration!

Throwing an Easter party or Easter Egg hunt? Let children decorate Easter eggs and write their names around the pots with paint pens! Easy + inexpensive party activity that doubles as the favor! :)

dollar tree easter egg trees

I also found LOTS of glittered Easter and Spring decorations on sticks. From pink and purple glittered butterflies to yellow and green glittered tulips! Are you planning on hosting a GARDEN or ┬áBIRTHDAY party soon? Grab some of these to stash away – your wallet will thank you later!

glittered butterflies

I also loved the large tulip felt motifs below! Hang them on your wall behind the party table for an easy + inexpensive backdrop!

butterflies and tulips party

So hop up and head to your dollar store for spring and Easter inspiration!

– Courtney

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  1. Seana Nightingale says:

    Ok, so I’m just getting started in the “event planning” business (only I want to do PET parties, LOL)….what do you do with all the stuff you buy? I mean, where do you store the things that can be used over and over? I moved to a small house with at least a garage, but I’m struggling with how to store all the serving dishes, etc. I can deal with the paper, ribbons, and crafty stuff, but I’m starting to get a little congested in the house (and my plan is to host a few parties at home to introduce my abilities to potential clients), so I don’t want my house or office to look like I am disorganized. In the process of redoing my office but still not sure how to keep the things I’d use for mainly parties. I’d appreciate ANY helpful hints! BTW, I LOVE the Dollar Tree and was on my way to Michael’s to pick up some more of the green/white little dishes (yes, I just bought some of those jewels a couple of weeks ago at Michael’s that I saw posted in your birthday celebration with the cupcake on them! So, if you had them, I MUST need more, LOL! I’m just hoping they’ll have them still….fingers crossed!

    1. Hi Seana! I have a lot of storage space, thankfully, so I put in shelves that you can buy at any lowes/homedepot store and store all my vases together, all my craft supplies together, so it looks more “neat”.

      1. Courtney; thank you so much! I’ve had the same plans, so now I feel like I’m sort of on the right track. I don’t have a lot of storage space, but have been planning on putting in some of those shelf units from the home improvement stores (if only they sold THOSE at the Dollar Tree, haha). It’s such a process trying to get organized to get things going and I want it all done NOW, hehe. You are so inspiring! Thank you so much for your generosity of information and guidance!

  2. LOVE the Dollar Tree! I bought those same glittery egg ornaments and used them for napkin rings, super cute. Thanks for sharing my Starburst Mirror : )

  3. Yee we LOVE the Dollar Tree!!! I was just there yesterday and picked up a few of the same items you showed! It really is a little gold mine for entertaining, parties, and living. What you could pay a lot more for at another store, you can pay less and STILL have the same kind of impact on your presentation. Thanks for sharing your “insider”tips with us. Love you!

  4. LOVE the Dollar Tree! Almost got the glittered tulips the other day! ;) I think I’ll go back…..

  5. Wow, thank you so much for sharing all of these cutie cute ideas! I always forget about checking out our local Dollar Tree – you rock!

  6. I think a trip to the dollar store is definitely in order! I love the plaid cupcake liners :) so festive, and can def. be used for a colorful girls bday party :)

  7. Now I have to head to my local Dollar Tree & Deals! Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Amazing. I just love the dollar store. No matter what it is, I dont have to use a coupon and I still feel like I am getting a killer deal!!!

  9. Lindy@ Itsy Bitsy Paper says:

    Wow, you did really well for Easter decorations! I was over at Dollar Tree the other day and saw some very cute things that could become even cuter with just a little work. Love all the glitter covered items!

  10. Love love love the Dollar Tree! Tons of stuff for my wedding came from there: garter, favor boxes, flowers for my fortune toss bouquet, out of town bag fillers, and I always buy their tablecloths for our pool parties. I’m dying over all of your cute Easter finds, maybe I need to make a trip there this weekend :)

  11. Kayla Fisher says:

    Just another heads up, the Target dollar bins at the front of the store have GREAT holiday decorations for super cheap. Currently, they have those cute little Easter trees for $2.50! Love this post!!

  12. Thanks for all of the ideas and thanks for the info on how you keep your supplies organized. I have begun to invest in supplies and was wondering how the experts did it!

  13. Thanks for your ideas! I bought the easter trees for a baby shower, was lucky to get them first and bought most of the pink ones (girl). Dollar Tree also sells little baby shower favors. I threaded with fishing line and hung three different kinds from the trees and topped with a pretty bow!

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