DIY: Candy Cane Topiary Trees

how to make candy cane topiary trees diy

How To Make Candy Cane Trees

If you saw our last post, Children’s Gingerbread House Decorating Party, then you saw our Candy Cane Topiary Trees! They are not only whimsical little decorations perfect for the holidays but also super easy to make! We are all about the crafty tree DIYs! – if you missed our post on Berry Trees & Ornaments – check it out here! Do you have a festive, holiday DIY you’d like to share with our readers, email us! And check out this glitter tree tutorial on our Paperie Guide site, The Celebration Shoppe!

Here’s What You Need:

* Styoform tree cone
* Candle holder – glass works well
* Floral tubes, found at craft stores
or at your local Florist
* Glue
* Recipe for Royal Icing Glue (you can find it on this post!)
* Two sizes of candy canes and
one big festive lollipop (for the top)
* Christmas ribbon

These trees are easy to make and will last a long time if you use the plastic candy canes. Feel free to use real candy canes, it just might be a bit sticky but fun for the kids!  We found the Styrofoam tree, glass candle holder, candy canes at The Dollar Tree.

Here’s What To Do:

* Glue the clear floral tube into the glass candle holder

candy cane tree
* Make a recipe of Royal Icing
* Using the back of a spoon or a spatula, spread the icing all over the cone

royal icing
* Push the lollipop into the top of the tree

candy cane tree
* Place the candy canes around the tree alternating the sizes

holiday tree diy peppermint tree
* Make a ribbon bow and place under the lollipop
* Using an icing decorator – pipe little stars on the tips of the candy canes

candy cane craft


candy cane tree

Last photo by Beth Tilley Green Photography

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  1. Christie R. says:

    Super cute! I am loving the fact that it was all done with dollar tree products lol! Love budget projects :)

  2. This is a fabulous idea for a centerpiece. It would be cute for a gingerbread decorating or cookie decorating party. Love it!

  3. This is simply adorable!! I can’t wait to try it!

    Thank you so much for posting the directions.

  4. So Fabulous I am going to make with little J when off for the holidays as a special project!!

  5. Adorable!! I am definitely going to try this with my daughter this weekend. I posted it on my facebook page this morning :)

  6. So incredibly cute and clever! These trees are the element that really caught my eye on the whole spread in the earlier post. I’m delighted to see them the subject of a tutorial–they deserve the glory all on their own!

  7. Going to add a few to our Gingerbread village this year!

  8. This is a super cute idea. I just had one question. In the first step you mentioned gluing a floral tube to a candle stick. Then you said to ice a cone. How do you attach the cone and the tube together? Is the cone hollow???? Thanks!!!

  9. Very cute! You could substitute spackle from the hardware store instead of icing and it won’t spoil.

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  11. HELP!!!!
    These candy cane trees are super cute!! Just attempted to make these and the candy canes just slid off of the icing, nothing stuck like “glue.” I used real candy canes, and I also used the link for the royal icing recipe you posted.

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