DIY Holiday Tablescape with Martha Stewart Crafts

Holiday Tablescape

Holiday decorating is one of my favorite times of the year, and I officially can decorate full force after Thanksgiving this Thursday! In the spirit of holiday decorating, I have some great (and quick!) holiday projects I wanted to share with you all. Using Plaid’s Martha Stewart Crafts products, I created three very easy projects that will dress up your dinner table in no time during the holidays! What I love about these paints is they can be used on a variety of materials including glassware, fabric, and items from outside.

The first project that I created (and my absolute favorite!) is creating burlap holiday table runners.

Burlap Holiday Table Runner Materials:

Martha Stewart Plaid Holiday Table

Step 1:
Lay out your burlap fabric and measure out the width of your runners. For these table runners, I wanted ones that would be 10 inches in width to look great as vertical runners on our table. Use masking tape to help guide you when cutting the burlap, as it’s easy to get off the straight line!

Step 2:
Decide what you would like your runners to say. For this holiday project, I wanted to create three runners that in total that would say HO, HO, HO when laid out next to each other. In Thanksgiving spirit, you could create two runners that say GOBBLE GOBBLE if you still need table decor this week! Or another idea is to lay the runners horizontally across the table to say Happy Holidays. As soon as you have figured out what you would like each runner to say, repeat Step 1 until you have the correct number of runners.

Step 3:
I decided to do all upper case letters, and using the Martha Stewart Letter Stencils, I taped the stencils in place using masking tape on the burlap runner that was already cut out. I placed a dab of white satin paint onto a plate and using the #2 flat brush (which is best used for strokework) I started painting the burlap fabric within the stencil to fill in my “H”.

Step 2 Holiday Craft Martha Stewart

Step 4:
Let your first letter dry completely before moving on to the next letter. I completed all three “H” letters on the runners and by the time I was ready to start the “O”, the “H” was dry enough to continue. Be careful to line up your next letter stencil in line with your already complete letter so you are even in your spacing and height.

Step 3 Martha Stewart Holiday Table

I had so much fun making the burlap runners, that I wanted to spruce up some candle holders I had laying around for our holiday table! Plaid’s Martha Stewart Crafts stencils are AMAZING. Using either their spray adhesive or tape to adhere the stencil to the glassware, it is so easy to create something fun and decorative using just the stencil and paints!

Stenciled Candle Holders Materials:

  • Glass Vases
  • Martha Stewart Holiday Icon Stencils
  • Martha Stewart Stencil Cleaner
  • Martha Stewart Crafts Detailing Brush Sets – Brush #8
  • Martha Stewart Multi-Surface Pearl Craft Paint in Putting Green
  • Martha Stewart Multi- Surface Glitter Craft Paint in Peridot
  • Tape

Step 1:
Tape your Stencil onto your glass vase. For this project we used the row of trees on the holiday icon stencil kit from Plaid’s Martha Stewart Crafts.

Step 2:
Using the Pearl paint first, I made horizontal brush strokes within the stencil to create a more 3-D effect to the trees. I added in the Peridot glitter paint on top of the base coat of satin green paint to create a fun shimmer when you look at the holder up close.

Step 3:
Repeat the stencil as needed to cover your vase. This particular vase only took 1 1/2 lengths to complete.

I wanted to come up with a quick and easy place card that would be great for a big family gathering during the holidays. So I ran outside and started inspecting the pine cones our great big tree had started to drop recently. I founds some great mid-size ones that I thought would be perfect with everyone’s name stuck in them to mark their place at the table.

Pine Cone Placecard Materials:

  • Pine Cones (if you have pine trees, just grab from outside!)
  • Detail Brush
  • Martha Stewart Multi-Surface Metallic Paint in Yellow Gold
  • Paper Tags with Guest’s Names

Using a detail brush, dab on gold paint on each of the individual sections of the pine cone and keep turning until completely covered. Cut your guest’s names out and stick into the pine cone to create an instant placecard for your holiday table!

With a few glitter trees added, and some pillar candles, our holiday table was ready for guests!! I can’t wait to show it off after Thanksgiving with the rest of our holiday decor!

Happy Crafting!!



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