DIY Personalized Ornaments for Christmas!


If you’re looking for a cute personalized ornament idea for Christmas, you’ve come to the right place!

DIY personalized Christmas ornaments! So easy and cute as gifts. Write your name, a cute phrase, the year, monogram, etc!

DIY Personalized Ornaments

Time to get your craft on, y’all! Ok, so sometimes I love long step-by-step craft projects and feel really proud after I’ve finished. But sometimes I like a quick done-in-two-seconds style craft that turns out crazy cute and makes the perfect gift.

If you don’t think you’re “crafty”, you can do this! Seriously, it’s embarrassing how easy it is.

Without further ado, DIY personalized ornaments to add a little fun to your Christmas trees! I loved creating my daughter’s name on one and “yay” on the other! I also had fun with a 2014 ornament in silver and a monogrammed one too.

Personalized DIY Ornament Tutorial!

Here is the step-by-step photos of the ornament I made for my daughter’s first Christmas! I think these would make the cutest gifts, don’t you think?

How to make gold personalized ornaments! Pizzazzerie.comPersonalized Ornament DIY


  • Clear ornaments: You can find these in glass or plastic in a variety of sizes at craft stores during the holiday season.
  • Sticker letters: I was so impressed at the selection of sticker letters from various fonts to colors and metallics too! Hello gold!
  • Glitter or confetti: If you want to fill the inside of your ornament with a little sparkle! Optional! You could even fill the ornaments with little candies too.
  • Ribbon: Tie a festive ribbon on top!


1. Simply stick your letters on in the words or phrases you’d like! Try names, monograms, memorable dates, etc!
2. Use a funnel to fill with glitter or confetti!
3. Tie on a festive bow and hang on the tree or give as a sweet gift.
4. See, I told you it was easy :)

Tutorial: How to make personalized, monogrammed, and custom ornaments for the Christmas tree! DIY!

I think I’m in love with the gold and black and white stripe combo myself, which isn’t really surprising considering how much I love gold and stripes! Hope you love this little DIY personalized ornament idea!

P.S. If you love traditional monograms, check out these monogram ornaments I made several years ago with the Silhouette machine (and check back THIS Wednesday night for the code to a very fabulous Silhouette Black Friday sale)!

Create Unique Holiday Ornaments!


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  1. says:

    Hi, I used glitter in the baubles but when I’ve put it in its all stuck around the inside of the glass, how did your not?!


    1. Hi Rosie! This was a couple of years ago so if I remember correctly, I filled it and then immediately hung it so as not to have it tip to any side. It might have stuck had I let it do that. I’m not sure, it also just may have something to do with the type of ornament. Perhaps glass vs. plastic makes a difference.

  2. Some may have asked this but I didn’t notice. How did you space the letters perfectly in the name? The line is straight and each letter perfect?

    1. This might have just been luck! If one didn’t lay write, I would carefully peel if off to reposition!

  3. Blakely Meek says:

    Oh my gosh! My name is Blakely and I thought that there’s no way that there’s someone on here using my name! I love this! Super creative

    1. Aw yay! It’s my daughter’s name. I LOVE IT!

  4. I had no idea this was your post! I pinned these on Pinterest a few years ago and made them for my bffs for Christmas. It goes without saying but they loved them!! :)

  5. Thanks for this blog, really interesting and helpful for all, thank you so much for sharing this article.

  6. Simply stick your letters on in the words or phrases you’d like! Try names, monograms, memorable dates, etc

  7. There are so many beauties in this life, thanks to the hands made

  8. So pretty and I love how easy they were. Now I want to go find some Christmas stickers to do my own. Thanks for sharing!

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