Setting the Mood for New Year’s Eve 2012!

Ever have trouble putting your finger on just the right combination of colors and style to set the mood for your party?

Do Driver of Piggy Bank Parties walks us through her vision and inspiration for three different New Years Eve party styles.  It really is amazing how a simple switch in color can make such a huge impact on a party and transform it from modern and chic, to funky and vintage. Any of these designs would be PERFECT for a fun and fabulous bash!

Take it away, Do:

Each week I receive numerous requests for help with party themes and decorating ideas via email and Facebook. One of the questions I’m asked the most is, “How do I set the mood for my party?”
This particular question has multiple answers—the invitation, food and beverage, activities, music/audio visual and décor. Since New Year’s Eve will be here in a few days, I thought we’d tackle, “Setting the Mood with Décor.” In my opinion, choosing the right décor for your party sets the tone for the event. First ask yourself, what mood do I want to create—formal, casual, modern, whimsical, vintage, cozy, retro with a twist, etc.? After you’ve answered that question, it’s time to pick your color scheme and decorations.


{NOTE}: If you’ve fallen in love with a set of decorations or a color scheme, then the party mood has already been chosen for you. All you have to do now is carry that mood throughout your event with food, activities, music and such!

I used our three New Year’s collections as the inspiration for creating three different moods. Each table is set up exactly the same—same tablecloth, food, servingware and layout—I only changed the backdrop and the paper products. What is your initial reaction when you look at the table? What do you feel? Do the colors and font styles convey a mood?

The Loungy New Year Collection was the inspiration for our first table. This bright, whimsical and retro collection has a strong color scheme which is accented with little silver stars. Bright pink plates were attached to our infamous backdrop which was flanked with paper star chandeliers. The “Happy New Year” banner is hung a bit askew to convey the whimsical feel of the party.
The second table—inspired by our Sparkling New Year Collection—received a purple backdrop for a pop of color. The collection has a vintage feel so I hung silver and white paper medallions which remind me of quilting yo-yos from the ceiling. The modern polka dot medallions layered with the others give it a modern twist. The corners were punched on the banner for a classic shape then rhinestone embellishments added a lil’ sparkle.
The turquoise backdrop behind the third table was inspired by the modern Catch My New Year Collection. White paper lanterns were hung at different lengths from the ceiling to pay homage to the classic Times Square Countdown Ball. They also mimic champagne bubbles and balloons floating down after midnight. The banner is hung traditionally giving it a very clean and modern look.


Setting a mood with décor also includes how you serve your food and beverage items. All of the serving pieces for the tables were kept very simple—clear, white and silver. While I love whimsical and colorful servingware, I usually invest in pieces that can be used over and over again. Colorful paper and ribbon can always be added to customize a piece.The menu for our lil’ inspiration party included a mix of savory snacks and sweet treats. Each received a New Year’s inspired name which was displayed on a Party Card. If your guests will be standing or sitting without a table to rest their plate on, use small plates and paper cones which are easy for guests to hold. Guests love bite-sized goodies that they can pop in their mouth while talking or holding a glass. Food you would normally serve in a big bowl can easily be portioned into little serving cups with taster spoons or forks.


Remember to decorate your favors, too. It’s an opportunity for your guests to experience the mood you set all over again!


When choosing décor remember to ask yourself, “How does it make me feel?” Colors, fonts, style, decorations, servingware and such all play a role in creating that mood. I hope I answered, at least partially, your questions regarding setting the mood with décor. If you have additional questions, please leave a comment and I’ll give it my best answer!


No matter how you ring in the New Year…do it with your own style!”


All of these collections can be found in the Piggy Bank Parties market (they’re just $5 each!).


Design, Styling and Photography: Piggy Bank Parties & Printables: Piggy Bank Parties

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  1. LOVE this, SO very helpful for anyone throwing a NYE party!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Using paper plates as a backdrop is brilliant … I would NEVER have thought of that.

  3. Where did you get all of the plates, cups, etc., at?

    1. Piggy Bank Parties (linked in the post) created this party so you’ll have to ask her for specifics!

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