Tutorial: DIY Easter Bunny Cakes on a Stick

easter bunny cakelets on a stick diy tutorial

Easter Bunny Cakes on a Stick

We’re excited for a FUN Easter DIY idea to get you ready for spring (after all, daylight savings is this weekend!) This one, friends, is EASY! We are not talking anything difficult, and it is a perfect and delicious DIY idea to do with the kids. We have all the details + products we used below but make this craft your own. Let your kids (or friends!) hang out and decorate their easter bunnies! Our bunnies are wearing bow ties and ribbons but GET CREATIVE – ties, dresses, tutus, eyelashes, glittered whiskers, the sky is the limit! So let’s “hop” into the details shall we?

EASTER bunny diy mini cake



1.    Slice the pound cake into thick slices – one half inch thick or a little more
2.    Cut out the shape of an egg using a cookie cutter or printed template
3.    Push the egg shaped pound cake onto a straw

MAKING EASTER bunny on a stick ears

4.    Cut one jumbo marshmallow across – one inch thick – next cut it in half – creating two ears

easter bunny cake on a stick5.    Make bows using colorful Easter ribbon
6.    Using white icing make the eyes and noses; place a confetti sprinkle on top of the nose
7.    Place a little of the black icing in a clear sandwich size bag and cut the tip. Using the black icing put a dot on the white icing for the eyes, next draw the noses
9.    Using pink icing in a sandwich bag with the tip cut off, make the whiskers
10.  Take some of the white icing and thicken by adding a little powdered sugar – use to secure the bunny ears to the top of the head – lay the completed bunnies flat for a while to let the icing set up.

That’s IT! Easy as 1, 2, 3! They’re so sweet that you might find your bunny without an ear after not too long! To display for a party or gathering, simple stick down in floral foam and cover with easter grass, moss, or paper crinkle. We used a green planter but you could also use a vase and wrap with an Easter ribbon.

easter bunnies on a stick

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  1. What a cute idea! I know my kids will love making these … and eating them too:) Thanks so much for sharing this great bunny cookie idea! It will make for a nice Easter treat!

  2. I love this idea for a centerpiece and its edible too!

    I am writting a post on Centerpieces and kids treats for Easter. Will love to share this idea with my readers. Will link back to you.

    Now following you!

    1. Nice. But how do you get the ears to stay on as well?? Hmm, maybe toothpicks?? ….anyone made these already, please reply, how do you put the ears on?!?!

  3. Nice. But how do you get the ears to stay on as well?? Hmm, maybe toothpicks?? ….anyone made these already, please reply, how do you put the ears on?!?! WHy doesnt it tell you

    1. I would use a piece of spaghetti or think strip of a carrot. People could hurt their mouth on a toothpick!

  4. and pixie sticks work great…not like you would need even more of a sugar rush!!!

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