DIY Birthday Countdown Calendar!

DIY Birthday Countdown Calendar!


BY Sara of Confetti Sunshine, contributor for

I love birthday traditions. It’s always adds a special little excitement no matter what else is planned. And, a Birthday Countdown Calendar is a perfect tradition to start this year!

My daughter is always counting down to her next birthday. And, while we can’t start the countdown too far in advance, it is always exciting to countdown the last few weeks. This year I put together a wall of notes and treats; one for her to open each day, for 2 weeks, until her birthday.
DIY Birthday Countdown Calendar!

To make your own birthday countdown calendar you will need:

An assortment of envelopes and bags
Washi Tape
A note or treat for each day

Start by stuffing the envelopes and bags each with a note or a treat. 2 weeks before the child’s birthday hang 14 bags or envelopes, filled with your notes and treats, up on the wall with washi tape. Every morning, let the birthday child-to-be choose a surprise to open up. My surprises ranged from having a picnic with mom, going out for ice cream, to simple things like a small piece of candy, etc.

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