AMC’s Mad Men Inspired Birthday Party!

The success of AMC’s Mad Men has resulted in lots of requests for Mad Men party ideas. Well, ladies, this Mad Men 30th Birthday Party by Rebecca Lemon of This Nest is Best is all the inspiration you’ll need! From food, decor, costumes, and of course – COCKTAILS – Rebecca touched on all the details of the “1960s Madison Avenue” era. If you have not seen this sexy show, then get caught up because Season 5 premiers March 25, 2012!
“We’ve only recently begun watching the series (I know, I know…we’re WAY behind the times), but I’m simply in love with the sets, the clothes, the ads…the everything.  Why did it take me so long to realize how much I absolutely adore the 1960s design aesthetic???  Regardless, I’m in love.  Our home is definitely in danger of getting some 1960s furniture!” – Rebecca

The dining room conveyed the feeling of Sterling Cooper + Peggy’s office (if she were to throw a cocktail party). Rebecca knew cocktails were a must so she set up a desk bar complete with the mixings for all the classics: Tom Collins, Martinis, and Vodka Gimlets.  For snacking, guests enjoyed classic shrimp cocktail and the infamous Chip and Dip!  Above the desk, Rebecca framed three vintage ads targeted at women – two that Peggy could have created and one that she did create on the show for Belle Jolie.

She also created a “desk-scape” (ie. tablescape on a desk of course) with a newly acquired vintage typewriter (Craigslist is phenomenal!), borrowed vintage phone, and even a vintage copy of Sex and the Single Girl.  There were blank pages for guests to type up a New Year or Birthday note. Clever!

Rebecca describes how she decorated the kitchen!

“The kitchen was styled more with Betty in mind!  Here, I included mini pineapple upside-down cakes, deviled eggs, a cheeseball and crackers, bacon wrapped cocktail wienies, and of course, birthday cake!  For a bit of a laugh, I included candy cigarettes in a vintage pyrex bowl – because everyone in the 60s smokes everywhere!  A few of my own vintage pieces plus some antique store and estate sale finds completed the red and aqua color scheme going on here!  And let me tell you, that may have been one of the best cakes I’ve ever had!  Mirabella Confections created the exact cake I had in mind and it tasted fantastic as well!  I should have taken a picture of the inside – three layers of filling, including raspberry and cheesecake!  YUM.  I also had our kitchen chalkboard ready for people to write in their 2012 Resolutions – I’m partial to the “Eat less dog food” resolution (and I’m going to call out my friend Kate to make sure she stays true on that one!).

In the living room, I created a mini-bar with Blue Hawaiian frozen drinks, more candy cigarettes with the infamous Mad Men “They’re toasted” Luckies ad, and more framed vintage ads, including the iconic Lemon ad from Volkswagen (how could I miss the opportunity to use this?), a Coco-cola ad in an office, and a suggestive Chiquita banana ad.”

Party + Styling by This Nest is Best

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  1. The theme is definitely great. I love the menu cards and the party details are just wonderful.

    Annabella MErlin

  2. Wow!!!! I’m speechless. This is sooo cool, what an amazing attention to details! I love this, and I love Mad Men, can’t wait for the premiere it’s been too long!

  3. I absolutely love this! Mad Men is one of my favorite shows and I’m going to do this for the premiere!

  4. LOVE the Mad Men party! I have been considering this for a cocktail party, this looks great, great ideas and decor! Thanks for sharing!

  5. LOVE the Mad Men Party. I have been considering this theme for a cocktail party! Thanks for sharing!!

  6. Great party idea and cool decorations!
    Love the Mad Men theme!

  7. I love the party ideas (especially the mini-pineapple upside cakes), but I also suggest checking out some of the original recipes people would have actually used back then. I’ve been archiving authentic early-60s party recipes and here are some ideas that would be perfect for a Mad Men premiere party (although without an “Old Fashioned” recipe). Check out this original promo pamphlet that was distributed at the height of the Mad Men-era, chock full of swinging vintage hors d’oeuvres and cocktail recipes displayed with real Mad Men-era style. I especially like the Avocado Dip (like a frothy guacamole) and a Moscow Mule to wash it down. Here’s a link to the original “How to Give a Vodka Party” guide:

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