BIG NEWS + Book Club Party Inspiration!

I have some FUN NEWS! I’m thrilled + excited to announce that I am working with Gibbs Smith on my first book (they’ve published Tara Geurard’s amazing wedding books and Kimberly Whitman’s entertaining books!). I will tell you more about the book topics + details later, but in honor of the exciting news, I’m sharing some BOOK CLUB PARTY Inspiration! Love reading and books? You’ll love these cute party ideas…

book club party ideasImages by Erica Ann Photography via Somewhere Splendid

From the hanging vintage book pages to the colorful patterns and stacked books with ribbon, this is the ultimate book club dinner party! Move over circle of boring chairs and say hello to pops of peonies, hanging striped ribbon, and gorgeous styling! Flowers by Geranium Lake Flowers were inspired by The Help with lots of COLOR + fun!

book club garland partyCreate an enchanted book garland for your book club party! This one by the talented team at Martha Stewart is easy to make and creates a fabulous decoration!


  • Pink mason’s line (braided mason’s line in Pink, $7.47 per roll, by Marshalltown;
  • Fishing line
  • Silk flowers (silk ranunculus stems, from $5 each;
  • Colored papers (matte text paper, in Pink, Pink Feather, Peony, Peace, and Soho Gray, $8 for 50 sheets;
  • Star craft punch
  • Craft glue
  • Ribbon (see Flying Banners)
  • Double-sided tape
  • Miniature Books
  • Mini clothespins (Can o’ Clips mini clothespins, $5.29 for 24, by Cavallini;
1. Cut lengths of mason’s line and fishing line for the garlands.
2. Gently pull silk flowers apart; string petal rings onto lines.
3. Make stars from colored paper and old book pages, using star punch. Glue pairs back to back with the lines in between. Add ribbon, folded over and taped.
4. Attach Miniature Books using tiny clothespins.
book exchange partyRead all the books on your shelves already? Why not host a BOOK EXCHANGE PARTY with friends and stock up on new books to read for the end of summer! What a darling invitation featured above is just one idea we LOVE! Thanks to Real Girls Handmade, Check out the pictures from this party (and enjoy a free download too)! 
bookclub cake

For a big WOW factor, have a book cake made with your friends’ favorite reads! We love this one by Macy Cakes!

Have your own book club party ideas or recipes?! Share below, we’d love to read them!

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  1. Augustmom3 says:

    Congratulations! I know it will an entertaining, informative and so very interesting book. Can’t wait to buy it!

  2. Love the book club party ideas! And congratulations on your book deal — I look forward to seeing it in print!

  3. This is SO exciting! Congrats on the book deal :) looking forward to the finished product. And I’m loving these book club party ideas, especially the hanging pages…love it!

  4. Firstly, CONGRATULATIONS. So exciting!
    Secondly, as a former English major, book themes have always, always been close to my heart. Did you see what Anthropologie did sometime last year with book page installations? I think they were different in each store… but here were some examples:

    Incredible, right? I think with the right tools and crafty guts you could do this for a party too. Would make such great decor!

  5. Oooooooo so stinkin’ exciting!!! How on earth did I miss this?!?!? So excited for you and proud of you!! :)

  6. I love these book club party decorations. Please tell me where you found the small “Note Book” in the first photo.
    Thanks! Beth

    1. Looking for that notebook as well, please!

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