Heroes and Villains Showdown Party

superhero cupcakes birthday party

With all the pretty princess and “girly” parties we feature, it’s a nice change to showcase a HEROES + VILLAINS SHOWDOWN BIRTHDAY PARTY! How much fun is this for a boy’s birthday party theme?! Designed + submitted by Eleanor of Pink Peppermint Paper, LLC, this superhero themed party has all the ingredients for a huge hero vs. villain showdown! Check out the awesome BOX CITY
OTHER FAVORITES: “One-Two Punch”, Scum Buster Hero Toothbrushes, and super hero cupcakes…

superhero birthday cake invitation

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superhero party decorations

superhero party favors and cupcakes

superhero boy's birthday party

superhero party punch

superhero birthday

heroes villains birthday party

Eleanor of Pink Peppermint Paper, LLC shared her inspiration + details! “My son decided shortly after his 4th birthday that for his 5th birthday he wanted a superhero dress-up party. Good guys and bad wearing disguises. Capes and masks. Friends and fun. For the invitation, I created original artwork of our hero and his nemesis, inviting guests to join us in the battle of good vs. evil.

We set out to throw a small, but fun CLASH OF FORCES at our home for a super group of friends. We kept the party activities simple, letting our heroes and villains climb through our Metropolis box fort, play with my son’s toys and climb on the backyard swing set. The iPod played theme songs from our favorite hero franchises and other fun music like “Back in Black” and “Bad to the Bone.”

MEANWHILE… back inside…

Being so good (or bad) sure does help you work up an appetite. Guests dined on a giant 6 ft hero sandwich and drank one-two punch. There were lots of chances to choose the side of naughty or nice. Silverware. Cupcakes. Even Seating. Guests chose between the heroes’ table or the villains’. Each was decked out in the appropriate colors and featured masked balloons with super balloon weights. These balloons in disguise also let guests know they were in the right place out front.

The main attraction was our super candy buffet. Each candy jar sported a utility belt band with a belt buckle label. We had kryptonite, licorice whips, super bubble and more! We also included scum buster hero toothbrushes.

I made heroes and villains cupcake toppers with capes flying and these cityscape cupcake wrappers. We displayed them on an industrial-style cupcake stand made of dampers and other venting parts from our local home improvement store! Super boy had a special double decker cupcake with a mini on top.

After a fun day of play, guests filled take-home bags with candy and had their choice of hero- or villain-themed early reader books as party favors. The good, the bad and the hopped up on sugar headed home for some much needed R&R.”

Invitations and paper goods: Pink Peppermint Paper, LLC.
Party Planning: Pink Peppermint Parties
Cupcakes: Crumb Gourmet

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  1. The one 2 punch great idea, I think I love the Kryopnite out of rock candy. So cute I love the superhero theme, since that is what I make for a living!!!

  2. I love everything about this! We are having a super hero party next month!!!

  3. Hi there. I am doing a big city theme next month. Love how you did the box city. Can you tell me what materials you used to cover the boxes? Is that paint or paper or are the boxes just uniformly colored?

    1. Hi Shauna! I got some gray paint on discount at a home improvement store and rolled it on the boxes with a paint roller. Super quick and easy! Then, I added construction paper shapes for the windows. Good luck!

  4. So cute!! What did you use as the “Invisibility Drops” & the “Super Stretch”? I LOVE everything you did

    1. Thanks Nicole! The Super Stretch was Marvel branded Laffy Taffy and the invisibility drops were just an empty jar. I thought it was funny. :)

  5. The box city is an AMAZING idea. Came here from another blog and I’m going to add this for my son’s birthday party for sure. Its so nice to be able to create a decor without spending a ton of money. Plus… this takes a ton of space.

    Thanks again.

  6. I’m obsessed with your box city! I’m recreating a similar one for my son’s Spider-Man party. I’m dying to know what game you had the kids playing in the middle of the boxes? It looks like there is a slip-and-slide along the grass maybe and some ropes almost like tug a war. Any chance you’d share your ideas there?


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