Almond Pastry Cookies

Preparation 00:15 Cook Time 00:20 Total Time 0:35 Serves 20 pastry cookies     adjust servings


For the Glaze

  • 3 cups powdered sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon almond extract
  • 2 tablespoons water
  • 1/4 cup butter, melted
  • 1/2 cup sliced almonds

For the Filling

  • 1/4 cup butter, softened
  • 4 ounces cream cheese, softened
  • 1 1/2 cups powdered sugar
  • 1 egg, room temperature
  • 1 teaspoon almond extract

For the Pastry Crust

  • 2 cups flour
  • 4 tablespoons sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 cup (2 sticks) unsalted butter, softened
  • 4 tablespoons cold water


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. To make the pastry crust, stir together the flour, sugar, and salt. Mix in the butter and beat until combined. Add in water and continue to mix with your beater until pastry holds together in a ball. Roll out pastry to 1/4" thickness. Use a cookie cutter (we used 2 1/2" egg shaped cutters) to cut cookies. We were able to get 20 out of a 2 1/2" cookie cutter. PlaceĀ on a parchment-lined baking sheet and set aside while you prepare filling.

For the filling, beat the butter and cream cheese together until smooth. Add in the egg, powdered sugar, and almond extract. Beat again until creamy. Spoon one tablespoon of the filling on top of each circle of pastry crust. Spread out evenly. Bake for 20-22 minutes or until lightly golden.

For the glaze, beat together sugar, butter, water, and almond extract. Once smooth and while pastry cookies are still warm, drizzle glaze over top and sprinkle with sliced almonds.


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