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Abby Larson Style Me Pretty Interview Style Me Pretty: Interview with Abby Larson

If you have ever visited Style Me Pretty, then I can almost guarantee you have it on your bookmarks bar, and it’s a daily read.  If you have not visited Style Me Pretty – I suggest you sit back, block off at least an hour, and jump right in to the glitz and glam of wedding inspiration.

Abby Larson, Editor and Founder of SMP, is also a Vanderbilt University graduate, and I have always admired her story from her brief stop in PR to designing invitations to running the creme de la creme of stylish, chic blogs!  Below is just a quick glimpse into the life of Abby….

How did you fall in love with the wedding industry?

“My love affair with the wedding industry certainly wasn’t love at first site. It’s been a journey, and everyday I discover some new little tidbit about this crazy world that I love. About 6 years ago, while living in an insanely expensive apartment that I couldn’t afford in San Francisco, I took a weekend job at a paperie to help pay the bills. It was a lovely little shop that sold great, boutique invitation lines that brides flocked to. So really, in the beginning, my passion for weddings had nothing to do with the weddings themselves…it was for the paper. The letterpress, the engraving, the amazingly tactile designs. A few years later, after working in a dull job for a hedge fund, I went back to those days and decided to launch a line of stationery and wedding invitations. This is ultimately what started this crazy career!”

What is the most exciting part about running Style Me Pretty?

“We work with THE most awe inspiring artists and designers. I am formatting a wedding as we speak that is possibly the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever seen…the flowers, the tables, the details, the photography. And the coolest thing? I know all of the vendors that were involved. On any given day you can hear me oooohing and ahhhing (I’m sure it drives my husband nuts) because I am literally blown away by the work that comes thru the door. It’s by far the most exciting thing about running SMP.”

Is there one part of a wedding that you can’t wait to see (ex. the cake, the dress, the flowers)?

“The flowers usually. Then the dress, the tables, the cake. Oh, I forgot…the shoes!”

Do you feel like your Vanderbilt education helped you learn the skills and ins and outs of running a website?

“Not in the slightest. Vanderbilt was a lesson in a lot of things but running a website was not one of them. At Vandy, I made profound connections that have carried me through my adult life and have given me boost after boost after boost. I owe Vanderbilt a lot for giving me such an amazing foundation to start my life.”

What advice do you have for brides who want to throw a wedding on a budget?

“Well for one, a chic budget friendly wedding is TOTALLY doable. Despite the crazy weddings you see in magazines and online, they aren’t the standard. These weddings are really meant to provide inspiration. From determining your color palette, to designing your general wedding style. And if you are willing to get your hands a little DIY dirty, you can recreate so much of what you see in a totally affordable way. Picking up flea market chandeliers and spray painting them white to hang in the trees. Going for burlap runners rather than fancy linens. Buying the vessels for your flowers yourself and painting them to create a cohesive look. Bringing in your own alcohol, working with the caterer to design a fun menu that doesn’t include surf and turf, skipping the little things like favors and welcome bags. There are so many great ways to style a wedding on a budget, it simply takes thought, patience and a little muscle.”

Do you feel like there are any up-and-coming trends in the wedding industry?

“My mantra when it comes to trends is simple. Design a wedding that reflects YOU, not a wedding that reflects the latest wedding magazine or blog. Trends are great because they give us fun ideas. Cool photobooth options and guest book alternatives, dessert bars in lieu of cakes, eco-chic styles and family style dining are all at the top of the fun list. But generally speaking, it’s a good idea to only infuse the trends that you really love so that your wedding is truly built off your real style. The one “trend that I will fully admit to obsessing over though is mismatched bridesmaids dresses. Love, love, love that look.”

Here are just a few of my faves from SMP – head over to Abby’s site to see more!

Style Me Pretty


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  1. Love the StyleMePretty site! I could spend hours just daydreaming as I look!!
    Very interesting to know how she started it all.
    Can’t wait to continue reading.
    Both of you guys are so talented!

  2. So fun to read this interview, Courtney! SMP & Abby inspire so many of us daily- it’s great to get a glimpse into her background!

    1. Thank you for letting me interview you, Abby! Now – come visit your alma mater and let’s talk weddings at Jackson’s :)

  3. Great interview! SMP is such a wonderful site! Cool that you have Vandy under your belt-great school! (I’m a Tennessean-love Vandy campus & surrounding area.)

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