{Decorate} 5 DIY Fall Wreaths

Spice things up with  festive fall wreath at your front door! I’ll admit that I usually only break out a wreath during Christmas season, but this year I wanted to jazz things up a little earlier. I’ve done the work for you, scouring the web for the cutest fall wreath ideas. Some are very simple DIYs and others take a bit more work – but they’re all very doable!

martha stewart halloween wreathVINTAGE PAPER LEAF WREATH
by Martha Stewart
Using the vintage leaf template and an old book (or colored stock if you don’t have an old book), cut out leaf shapes and adhere to floral wire. Visit Martha Stewart for full directions, templates…

autumn rosette wreath

by Along For The Ride for Tatertots & Jello
I *love* rosettes and this wreath can be customized in so many ways! You could even make it in red and green for Christmas or pink and red for Valentine’s Day!

yarn and felt floral fall wreathYARN FLOWER WREATH
by Lauren’s Creative
Simple felt and yarn with a few other craft store items created this adorable wreath perfect for decorating your door this fall! I’m partial to that fabulous green color so this one is absolutely my FAVE!

acorn fall wreath

by Little Things Bring Smiles
This is one of the most creative wreaths I’ve seen. Made strictly with painted ACORNS! Start hitting your yards, ladies! I love the green color (obviously) and the simplicity of this gorgeous fall wreath.

square fall autumn leaf wreath tutorial

by Thrifty Decor Chick
Who said wreaths have to be round? Think outside the box! Create a square wreath + decorate it with autumn leaves for a beautiful door decoration.

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    1. It’s awesome isn’t it?! And SO EASY! I’m about to go collection 80 billion acorns now.

      1. LOL! That is the one downside, right? Having to glue all those little suckers on one at a time… hmm. But it’s SO tempting, I think I’m going to have to try it!

        1. Ladies–do it! This by far is my favorite craft I’ve done :) It took me 3 days, spending a few hours each night gluing. (Trust me, you’ll need to give yourself a little break!) I also rangled my husband into helping me find acorns. It took two full cookie sheets filled with acorns to cover the 18″ straw wreath. A little tip–at first I was picky about which acorns I chose, I didn’t want cracks, but in the end after you bake them they crack! So grab as many acorns as you can find, once glued and painted the cracks look great :) Extra character right?! Thanks for the feature, have a great weekend!

          1. Katie – You did a beautiful job! It’s gorgeous! My fave too!

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