Planning the Big Day: The Bridal Show

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Planning the Big Day: The Bridal Show

So, I’m no stranger to weddings. I work for a network that airs them 24/7 and I own a business that provides for such affairs; but now that I’m a bride-to-be, one thing I’ve always wanted to do was attend a bridal show as something other than a vendor.

Now, if you’ve ever had the ‘privilege’ of going to one of these events you know that unless you are the bride (identified as such by your glittering engagement ring) nobody pays any attention to you. Nobody.

On the other hand, when you ARE the bride (or they think you are), you’re treated like the Queen of England…free everything from cake to champagne to gift certificates literally being thrown at you! I am not ashamed to admit that I have moved a ring to my left hand when walking through with a real bride so that I could get a cupcake too…(ok, I’m a LITTLE ashamed, but I was hungry and they looked SO good…don’t judge me!)

bride fashion show and florist

Anyway, now that I can officially participate as a new bride, I feel like I have joined this exclusive club of special people who get all sorts of fun things that regular folk do not, haha. Tom and I took part in our first expo last week and it was just about what we’d expected- as soon as we walked in we were pretty much attacked by vendors like meat being thrown into a lion’s den at the zoo! “Need a florist? We are the best!”… “Spin the wheel for a chance to win a free honeymoon!”…. “You know you can’t have a wedding without a paintball bachelor party!” (yes, they actually said that.) Then a woman tried to sell me $300 worth of hair extensions, apparently an expo DISCOUNTum, yeah you can keep those, thanks.

Overall it was entertaining and we did feel kinda cool ;) I think next time though I’m going to bring some blinders, a bullet proof vest and a sign that says, “No, I do not need a bubble and foam station at my wedding….this is not Cancun and I am not 18 years old- have a good day sir.”


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  1. GAIL KURTZ says:

    Hi Crista,

    I always smile when I read about your adventure’s. You are such a GREAT WRITER.

    Gail :))))))))))

  2. HAHA – dying over here about the foam and bubble machine offer – hilarious!! I can’t believe I never attended one of those when I was planning my wedding…it’s a 2011 goal of mine to attend one as a wedding cake vendor though! Thank you for sharing! :)

    Heavenly Bites Cakes
    Staten Island, NY

  3. GAIL KURTZ says:


    Loved hearing about the preparation for your Wedding !!! You write so beautifully. :)))))

  4. Gail Kurtz says:

    I cannot wait until the day, everything is so beautiful. Wow !!!
    :))) Gail

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