Planning the Big Day: The First Gift!

cuisinart ice cream maker and gifts

The First Gift!

Just needed to veer off the ‘planning’ track a bit this week to share the story of excitement that was the receipt of the first gift off of our registry : ) It’s strange, because we obviously knew we’d be getting gifts, but it’s surprising just how thrilling that initial delivery can be…

It was a cold and snowy day and I was not in such a great mood after trekking through the muck of slush to my building. “Hey,” I sighed to my doorman as I entered. “Oh, you have a package,” was his response. Really? A package? (I started to have flashbacks to college when you’d get that little slip in your mailbox letting you know you were “the chosen one” for the day because your parents had apparently sent you something awesome!) Maybe this day was looking up : )

I waited with baited breath as the doorman sifted through the boxes to find my item…a large box…from…BED BATH AND BEYOND! YAY! “Thank you!” I squealed, knowing it had to be something from our registry. I hurried upstairs (the elevator seeming to take longer than usual) and kicked on the door, “Hey open up! I can’t get my keys because I am holding this HUGE BOX!!”

So Tom opens the door and (also wide-eyed), “What’s that?”…  “It’s a present!” I say, “It must be from our registry, let’s open it!”. And then like two little kids on Christmas morning we tore open the box to find that legendary BB&B Wedding wrapping paper inside…what could it be??? We lifted it out of the cardboard and read the card, Showers of Happiness, from Nina and Steve how sweet! The parents of our very close friends, whom I have known since I was 16, had sent us our first gift! But what was it??!!

Drum roll please….THE ICE CREAM MAKER!!!! WAHOO!! That perfect item that we’d scanned knowing we wanted it so badly but would never buy it for ourselves! We cannot wait to test this baby out and spent a good portion of the evening thinking of ridiculous flavors we could concoct. Stay tuned for what we make first…any suggestions? And thank you Nina and Steve for your fabulous present- We LOVE it!



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  1. GAIL KURTZ says:

    Loved reading about your first gift. How exciting!!!

  2. congrats:) i suggest cake batter, cookie dough, and sprinkles mixed into vanilla! :)

  3. I was so touched to read this post!!! I am so happy you liked the gift and so excited that it was your first! Mazel Tov!

  4. That was the best feeling in the world coming home to packages… I should have added an ice cream maker to my registry…dang!

  5. Loved this post! And Nina and Steve are the best! (But ice cream makers are great too.)

  6. Thanks everyone- this is just such a fun time for us!! And thank you Nina for the fabulous gift! :)

  7. Cineca@ Dreamin' N Details says:

    how awesome!! you got the ice cream maker!! :) mint chocolate chip…or cookie dough…mmm!!! I make a lot of fruit sorbet with my ice cream maker :) Enjoy!! xoxo

  8. Cassandra says:

    The ice cream maker was on our registry too and we were blessed with two! We love them and have used them a lot! Congratulations!!!

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