Planning the Big Day: “The Proposal”

“The Proposal”

Crista here! AHHHHH HOLY COW I’M ENGAGED!!!!!! Ok, just had to get that out of my system. Done. I promise. Like most women (and if you say ‘not me’ we know you’re fibbing!) I had been waiting with baited breath to hear the magic words, “Will you marry me?” It’s a huge moment in a gal’s life and we all look forward to it, wondering when it will happen…what will he say….how will he do it….what will the ring look like (!) eek!

Well, my proposal just happened last week and I must say it was everything I ever wanted it to be. I’ll give you the quick version (the one I have been giving to all the lucky people who are asking what happened, but really don’t have the time or the desire to listen to every detail haha).

I woke up in the morning to the aroma of fresh coffee and some seriously delicious breakfast….eggs, warm toast etc. and no Tom next to me, just old empty sheets (we really need new bedding btw if you’re looking to buy us a gift…hint hint). So I wander into the kitchen to find a table decorated beautifully with all of my favorite green plates and placemats, which usually just collect dust above the fridge, eggs benedict with salmon (also my FAVE), crispy potatoes and fresh fruit. To what do I owe this incredible breakfast I ask? Just thought it would be nice, I’m told.So we sit down to eat. ( I look GREAT by the way in my flannel pjs, Northface fleece and glasses….just the way you want to look when someone is about to ask you to spend the rest of your life with them….insert sarcasm here…but then again, I guess that’s how you know somebody really loves ya! ) So a few bites into the meal, I look over to see a serious-faced Tom… “what?” I say? I then see him reach under the table and rip something out from under it…huh? Looking closer, I now see it’s a box. A little black box. The kind of box diamonds come in!

Ok, now I realize what is going on and here come the waterworks! I am presented with a bouquet of gorgeous roses, champagne and a seriously incredible diamond from my best friend on one knee : ) Wow. I have to say, it was perfect, while I won’t share all the details (some things should stay between the couple right?) let’s just say he said everything I ever wanted to hear and I could not have been happier.

Now here we are just days later and the wedding planning has begun! Choosing venues…making guest lists…looking for dresses and of course calling everyone we know to let them know the big news! The date has been set for 11/5/11 and I’m excited to share the details (the good, bad and the ugly) of my planning with all of you! So stay tuned…I have a feeling it’s going to be an interesting (but super-fun) journey…



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  1. Congratulations my fabulous darling teammate! I am so incredibly excited for you! And all the planning you get to do, I’m so excited it will be shared here! Can’t wait to talk flowers, decorations, etc! And of course, showcase the wedding on Pizzazzerie – it will be a multi-post wedding for SURE! :)

  2. phronsie dial says:

    Hell———–o: Can not wait til New York to see you and your
    beaming face ~ CONGRATULATIONS!!!! A wonderful journey awaits

  3. Congratulations Crista! What awesome news this time of year and it sounds like you have a keeper :) So sweet. Can’t wait to see what a Pizzazzerie wedding looks like (all kinds of gorgeous, I’m guessing!). Best wishes to you and Tom!

  4. Thank you SO much to all of you! I am so happy to be able to share this fun time with everyone and excited to see you ladies in NY!!!! :-)

  5. Congrats Crista!! So happy for you and wishing you the best on your engagement, wedding planning and future marriage! :)

  6. Congrats Crista! I got tears in my eyes reading all about your special moment! I can’t wait to read all about your special journey!!

  7. Aww!! This made me tear up: I am presented with a bouquet of gorgeous roses, champagne and a seriously incredible diamond from my best friend on one knee : )

    Excited to go on this journey with you. xx

  8. Huge Congrats Crista!! I loved the story, it’s sounds like it was perfect! I had to laugh knowing how much guys already stress over a good proposal, knowing we share that story 100 times to family and friends, poor Tom must have had it much worse…knowing it would be online!! LOL! Congrats again!! Can’t wait to follow the story!

  9. Congrats Crista! wishing you all the best on your engagement and 2011.
    Love your blog Courtney! Happy New Year! may God Bless you with good health, peace, happiness success and prosperity.
    Best Wishes,

  10. Big Congratulations!!!
    What a sweet proposal story :)

  11. HUGE congrats!!!! But omg you’re making me nervous! I just got engaged last week too (yay!!), but haven’t planned a thing so far :x You sound so totally organized and and on top of things with a date and everything! I’m so excited to see how your planning unfolds :) :)

  12. Wow….thanks again to everyone for all the love!!! And congrats to my fellow brides-to-be! I hope my little journey here makes you laugh as we learn how to navigate through this planning together! :)

  13. Awwwww proposal stories are the best!!! That sounds like a great one! I also like the line about your Best Friend :) :)

  14. Congratulations!! So exciting. What a beautiful engagement story!

  15. Congratulations!! Can’t wait to see the sure-to-be gorgeous wedding elements unfold here :) Enjoy the planning!

  16. What an awesome story!! Sooo happy for you Crista! In New York I want the full story, I love proposal stories. Congratulations and I am really looking forward to the planning on Pizzazzerie!

  17. Congratulations, Crista!! That’s fantastic. My husband proposed in the morning, too…he said he couldn’t wait. Looking forward to hearing all the wedding details!

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