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    Diana Ramirez says

    Hi, I live in South America, I bought your Push Up Pops book, and some Push up Pops from Amazon, but I have some questions and I would appreciate your help. Do all liquids in the container leak through the bottom? Is it because of the brand? With Laguna push pops happens the same thing? how can I fill them and then put them in the refrigerator?
    When you are eating frozen push pop products do they leak before you finish eating?
    Thanks in advance!

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      Hi Diana! I have tried several brands and never had any leak but it could happen. Right now, I mainly use Laguna PUsh-Up Pops and have had no trouble leaking. As far as putting them in the fridge (or freezer), if it’s not liquid – you can lay them. If you have wire shelves, just set them between those. Or buy a stand to hold them and set them in the fridge on that. But if it’s not liquid, it can be set on its side. AS far as frozen push-up pops, again, I have had no trouble with leaking – I have only heard of 1 report of leaking – but I have never had that problem.


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