DIY: Ornament Place Cards

Ornament Place Card Holders from JC’s Loft

Paula of JC’s Loft shared this fabulous DIY holiday craft with us! As Paula said, place card holders are highly overpriced and can easily be made for much cheaper. In fact, these fabulous holiday ornament place card holders were just 12 cents to make! AMAZING!

Paula found a pack of 10 ornaments at the dollar store. I too have bought these for many a crafty project this holiday. They are fabulous! As Paula found out, the only draw back is that they don’t stand up on their own. Never fail, she set her crafty mind to work!

First, punch a small hole using scissors into the bottom of the ornament. Be careful!

Cut three slits – one on each side of the circle and one up the back.

Then, a set of ornament hooks (also from the dollar store) served as perfect stands.

Simply place an ornament into the top to hold the place card!

Then just twist it around like this….

All done! Amazing, chic place card holder!

Thank you Paula of JC’s Loft for the festive holiday DIY! Head on over to see more pictures there!

Images & DIY from Paula of JC’s Loft

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  1. 1


    You’re kidding me.

    This is the most genius thing ever. I never would have thought of this!! What an excellent find!

    I think the finished holder looks a wee bit like the carriage from Cinderella!!

  2. 4

    Tara says

    Totally agree w/ Jen @ Blush! These could totally be used again for a “fairy princess” themed party! Brilliant idea for place card holders!

  3. 11

    Alyssa Wyss says

    This are so amazing and just what i would like to make for my wedding next December!
    I was wondering what you used to cut the ornament. also, were the ornaments you used plastic?

    thanks for this amazing idea!

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