“I Dig You” Construction Themed Party!

i dig you construction themed birthday party
Not much is cuter than this construction party “I DIG YOU” themed! How adorable? This is such a fun and different theme for boys to enjoy. Get tips + inspiration for this party theme from Debbie of Wants & Wishes! I love her work and her party designing, fabulous! She shows you lots of ideas for using items you already own plus printables to create this fun party table! Debbie was first inspired for this party when she came across little sucker wrenches. Once her mind got racing on the theme (I know how that is!), she designed away. And it is SO CUTE… 
i dig you construction themed birthday party 2
Debbie shared, “The first item I created, which inspired the rest of the collection, was the “barricade” food tent labels! They turned out perfect and so cute! Assembly is very simple on these and add the little extra detail to the collection.”
i dig you construction themed birthday party 3
i dig you construction themed birthday party 4
i dig you construction themed birthday party 5I absolutely ADORE that each child got his own “TOOL BOX” to load up with the “SWEET” tools! Some of the treats included 6 foot measuring tape of Bubble gum. Debbie shared, “This was a huge hit with the kids (and the sucker wrenches)! We had sugar cookie nuts and bolts mini toppers and packs, candy cane levels, among other things!”
i dig you construction themed birthday party 6
Mini front loaders were filled with candy rocks. She  placed them on a upside down tray filled with crushed oreos. The cake was frosted simple then we added our mini construction signs like Birthday Ahead + Detour – Birthday in Progress! CUTE! To connect all the signs, Debbie used Crazy Strawz that I found in The Art Institute in Chicago. You can also find them here on Amazon!
Printables + Styling by Debbie of Wants & Wishes Design | Visit her blog here!
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  1. 2

    Debbie @ Wants and Wishes says

    Courtney thank you for the fabulous feature! Can’t wait to share more with you and your readers. I just LOVE parties!!!!

  2. 5


    Creative doesn’t do this party idea justice. I just love this party idea for a boys party. Never is a million years would I have thought about a construction party theme, but it is brilliant. Now my mind is racing with all the activities I can add for games. Thank You for this fantastic idea.

  3. 6

    Debbie @ Wants and Wishes says

    I’m so glad you liked our party! It really is a fun theme with lots of activities you could incorporate.

  4. 7

    RIta says

    Courtney just came across your website. Absolutely wonderful!!! I am having a construction theme b-day party for my grandson I would like to know how and where I can purchase someof these items inparticular the gum& the nuts and bolts? looking forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you in advance.Rita

      • 9

        Tara says

        Hi Debbie!
        Where did the wrench suckers come from? I have searched online everywhere for them and can’t seem to find them!

        • 10

          Jessica says

          I also wanted to know where you found those wrenches Debbie??? They are so cute I’m having this theme for my sons party on March 30th and I bought the template and all of the other goodies, I would love to have the wrench suckers as well if you could share where you found them it would really complete the whole look.

  5. 13

    Erica DeGrado says

    im doing this theme for my sons party this weekend. I just need to know the size of the circles on the bubble tape. Or do you have the template?

  6. 17

    Naila says

    Yes! I’m in the middle of. Planning my sons construction theme party and would like to get these orange toolboxes! can u share?
    Thank you!

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