Top 5: Winter Wedding Centerpieces

top 5 winter wedding centerpieces

There is just something about a Winter wedding that lends itself to everything crisp and whimsical. From the cool temperatures to the potential for a dusting of snow on the ground, I get so excited thinking of how much fun you can have implementing the winter theme on your big day-especially when it comes to your centerpieces.

I’ll start with the idea of using ornaments; placed simply in crystal bowls on the table, this is an easy and affordable way to incorporate a holiday feel as well, if you choose. Using pine cones in blue hues combined with a shimmer of ‘snow’ is also a beautiful way to bring that crisp feeling to your decor.

Of course, then there are more traditional, but no less fabulous, options as well! I just love the idea of simply ‘overloading’ your tables with various sizes of elegant white candles- this will make the entire room glow with a wintry light. You can also place white tree branches adorned with delicate clear beads around the room- this will add height and drama to the affair. Lastly, some of us still want flowers and that is perfectly fine as well! White hydrangeas are a spectacular way to keep things looking fresh and serene while still adding to your wintery wonderland!

Looking for resources for a winter wedding? We love this site for fabulous white paper garlands and antique white candle lanterns. Check them out!


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