Planning the Big Day: Choosing the Dress

Planning the Big Day: Choosing the Dress

So, despite what any woman may try to say, the wedding dress is truly THE HIGHLIGHT of wedding planning. I mean, just think about how many reality shows are based just on that? (I’m currently watching “Unforgettable Wedding Gowns” on Wedding Central haha). I’ve been watching shows like this for ages, commenting on what’s gorgeous (or hideous, let’s be honest) and I couldn’t wait to go on my own big search!

I started looking for dresses pretty early, after all I only have 10 months and I didn’t want to be one of those brides with a horror story of the wrong dress coming in, or the store ordering the wrong size and not having time to fix it (!) The question is, what kind of dress do I want? I keep hearing that “You think you know what you want, but then you get to the store and you realize you want something completely different”. So I decided to try on everything….and I mean EVERYTHING.

Ball gowns. Mermaid style. A-line. Long or short? To bead or not to bead? Lace. Satin. Crystals. AHHHH! It was pretty overwhelming! After 5 stores that varied from bottom of the barrel (um, EW why is there a lipstick stain on this gown?) to seriously high end (see: you are not good enough to shop here because you don’t want to spend $12k on your dress)– I was exhausted…and confused :-(

I like the top of this dress…but the bottom of this one….the cut of that one…with the belt from that other version…maybe I can have my dress custom-made… hold on lemme just call in a favor to Vera Wang, I’m sure she’ll be happy to assist! haha

So I am asking you all….HELP-what do you think? Of all the dresses pictured here, what’s your opinion? Any advice? All thoughts are appreciated…and by next week, I hope I’ll be able to tell you what I bought…and give you all my ‘learnings’ from this crazy (but fun) task!


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