How to Make Easy + Colorful Melon Skewers!

Easy + Colorful Melon Skewers

I‘m declaring this the summer of skewers, y’all! Whether you toss them in a drink (a la drink stirrer) or simply serve them up as bite-size treats, skewers are just oh so fun. You can even embellish them like I did with ribbon here. Any excuse to visit the ribbon aisle in the craft store is a GO for me. Right? Right. So be on the lookout for lots of sweet and savory skewer ideas from yours truly this summer. First up, the melon skewer!

Melon Skewer Stir Sticks

Create a tray of these cuties to serve up for refreshing bite-size eats. Simply use a melon baller with watermelon and cantaloupe. Skewer them on and add an adornment like thin ribbon in a flag or bow style.

Melon Skewer Stir Sticks

Quite simple + easy, right? I hope you’ll try these out at your next party!

Melon skewers: Simple and Cute!

Photography + Styling: Courtney Whitmore |

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  1. Summer of Skewers, I love that idea! Naomi would go crazy for these, so I am going to show her at the hospital tonight. So great!

    1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I’m so excited for y’all! Naomi will have to do some skewers after taking lots of baby snuggle time of course!

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