Introducing Blakely McPherson Whitmore!

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This is a bit of a late introduction since baby girl is almost 3 weeks old but nonetheless, I’m excited to share the story of Blakely’s birth! So excuse the pause in party posts for a little sweet story of baby Blakely! I’m so excited to throw her own birthday parties and share them with you here through the years!

On to the birth story:

NAME: Blakely McPherson Whitmore
BIRTHDAY: April 13, 2014 @ 11:20pm
WEIGHT: 6 pounds 11 ounces
HEIGHT: 18 inches
HAIR: very little brown fuzz
EYES: dark blue/gray for now

blakely brand new-233

I was absolutely certain I would have at least two more weeks before baby girl arrived so I planned out the weekend of April 11th like any other. On Friday afternoon, I had a strange feeling that my amniotic fluid might be leaking. Since this was my first pregnancy, I really had no clue. I took to google but quickly realized a call to the nurse was probably the wisest decision. She told me to visit L&D to be sure that everything was okay. After calling my husband and my Mom, we all headed down to the hospital. I didn’t even take my hospital bag because I knew this was not “it” but knew that it would be best to get it checked out. After a couple of hours and an Amnisure Test, I was on my way home. Baby girl was still just 1-2 cm dilated and 50% effaced. False alarm!

The next day, I finished up some work projects, took the dog to the groomers, enjoyed a nap and a little relaxation in the sun at my Mom’s house. That evening, my husband and I decided to enjoy dinner out. Little did we know that it would be our last night out before our daughter arrived. Around 5:00am, I felt a little “trickle” and knew that meant something. I nudged my husband and said “uh-oh”. I hopped out of bed faster than anyone could imagine and stood in the bathtub. I felt so silly. My husband I stood around pacing in the bathroom trying to figure out what the little trickles meant. Oh, first time parents! I called my Mom at 5:30 am, and she quickly arrived. After Friday’s false alarm, we weren’t confident this meant anything but to the hospital we went. A quick check and yes – my water had broken! This baby girl was coming whether I was ready or not (so not!). They handed me a sheet over my shoulders (cape-style) and I waddled off to my labor and delivery room. I felt like I was in a dream.


I was not contracting on my own at this time. In fact, I was in zero pain. I felt great! The doctor and nurses started me on Pitocin soon after my arrival to begin contractions. I was very nervous because I had heard that Pitocin revs things up quite substantially. Thankfully, the pain wasn’t too bad. After 7 hours, however, I asked for the epidural. I am not sure if it was truly the pain that had gotten to me or just a crowded room, exhaustion, hunger, etc. Either way, the epidural quickly brought on a calmness that I desperately needed. Meanwhile, my husband was a total trooper. He’s an assistant golf professional and baby girl decided Masters Sunday was a fitting arrival date <chuckle>.

After 18 hours of labor, the doctor said I was still just 3-4 dilated and my uterus had contracted as much as it could take. They had pushed Pitocin up to a 40 level and couldn’t go much further. Poor baby was essentially being pushed into my pelvic bone over and over. C-Section was the next decision and out of sheer exhaustion, I said yes. That was the moment, however, that this great experience became more terrifying. Instantly, a rush of nurses came stampeding in. Each nurse was charged with a different task and they weren’t up for “chit-chat” which I was totally trying to do just to easy my nerves. So the tears started. I remember wheeling into the OR because it was (a) FRIGID and (b) so bright. The nurses in there had masks on and I could really only see their eyes, eyes that weren’t looking into mine. I kept trying to make eye contact, perhaps just to let someone know I was scared and get a little smile. Nothing. Chris was *finally* allowed in the room and I remember saying “I don’t know if I can do this” over and over. Well, I had no choice – obviously! I do remember the nurse anesthetist telling me to keep my arms to the side (aka DON’T TOUCH THE BLUE SHEET). No problem. For now.

At 11:20pm, Blakely McPherson Whitmore was born! I remember hearing her first cry which made me cry even further. My cry was a nice blend of total terror from the feelings of a c-section combined with extreme relief hearing that strong cry. I thought they usually show you the baby over the sheet but no baby appeared. So I sent my husband to go check on her as they weighed her, measured her, etc. I got a quick glimpse of her (about half her cheek) but really got to truly see her in recovery. Then came my own “stitching up” which is where things get blurry because apparently I got naughty. My husband said I wasn’t listening when the nurse asked me to keep my hands to the side. No memory. So they knocked me out. I “came to” as they wheeled me into recovery but it is all very hazy. I do hate that because I have no memory of my Mom seeing the baby for the first time or her finding out her name. I was totally out of it. Alas, sweet baby girl was here though!

My own recovery has gone well! The hospital environment wasn’t as helpful to me as being home as I tended to sit in the bed and handle nurses and questions all day (and the pushing on the uterus that no one told me about? That was horrific and conjured up images of trying to hold a cat in water – that’s what I looked like). Being home has truly allowed me time to heal and feed baby girl. She dealt with some serious jaundice but thankfully was never rehospitalized. Now we are back up to birth weight (6 pounds 12 ounces actually) and chugging right along. Nursing has been a major uphill battle but we’re taking that one day at a time too.

For those who have asked: Henry absolutely loves Blakely! Ok, more like “he’s interested but not too interested” which is how I’d prefer it. He still wonders what in the heck is going on when she starts wailing but for now, our family of “4” is loving life!

blakely brand new-155blakely brand new-188blakely brand new-256

I’m so thrilled to finally share my birth story and begin my journey into motherhood. Thank you all for following along in this exciting time! I can’t wait to share her nursery with you soon.

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Newborn Photos by Sara E Rose Photography

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  1. Such beautiful photos! I just love reading birth stories. Curious.. did they not let you eat during the first hours of labor? You mentioned the epidural coming partially because of a combo of normal labor experiences (boy can it be rough!) but it seems so strange that they didn’t let you eat. Bummer. So happy to see you and your sweet little girl are both doing great! Thanks for sharing your story.

    1. Not a bit. I had ice chips. The doctor did okay a “sip of diet coke” at one point but I quickly threw that up. Sigh! I didn’t eat food again until Monday at about 11:00pm and it was chicken broth.

  2. Congrats lady! Being a Mom is the best gift in the entire world. Filled with more love then you can ever imagine. It’s like your heart is no longer inside you, but walking around(eventually)! The newborn phase was hard for me, but after about 6 months and on its wonderful!

  3. Mae Zaragoza says:

    Firstly, an official congratulations! I’ve been a fan since youngest started blogging, through wedding planning and now baby girl… It’s an honor that you allow us to be witness to your life’s experiences.its been fun! Now to see these gorgeous pics of your baby girl, sigh, breath taking….. You are in for some lovefests!new mommy hood is tough, too. Just remember its your experience and you can do it as you wish, nurse, don’t nurse, co-sleep, don’t co-sleep… In the end, as long as your baby feels loved,you’ve done your job!
    And secondly, is your OB’s last name really stork?

    1. So sweet Mae!! Thank you!! :) Yes, it is Storck – CRAZY huh?! She found her calling. Sadly she didn’t get to deliver because she wasn’t on call.

  4. Congratulations! I love reading birth stories as well ;) especially now that I’m expecting my first. I love to hear experiences! She is such a beautiful little lady! I hope you’re healing well! C-section is definitely one of my fears, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up with one in the end as well.
    Have a happy Mother’s Day!!!
    xo- Kaara

  5. Awe, such a sweet story and you know how I feel about Sweet beautiful Blakely and Henry! Glad everyone is adjusting. Take it one day at a time….Your an amazing Mommy already! Blakely and Henry are blessed beyone measure.

  6. Mireya Pizarro says:

    I am so happy for the both of you and your family!! What a crazy, beautiful and wonderful story! I pray that one day I may have the honor and precious gift such this. Amazing just amazing and glad to see that you are recovering well.

    1. Mireya Pizarro says:

      Oh yes have a wonderful Mother’s day! To all of you wonderful mothers!

  7. Oh Courtney, our experiences in the OR are very similar. Why the hell do the nurses have to rush in like it’s a fire drill to get you prepped. I too cried and Jon could see I was scared and so was he. I’ll be sharing my birth story later today… So glad all is well with both of you. Oh and the pushing on the uterus–yeah I was warned and that sucked big time!!! I thought it only happensef to natural deliveries not c-sections too.

  8. The photos of your little family are beautiful! Sara always does an amazing job! Blakely is precious! So happy for you! <3

  9. Oh my word, she’s just so darn perfect and beautiful! Maybe I’m having an emotional week but I found myself tearing up reading your story and wishing I lived just a tad closer to come hug your neck…..and snuggle Miss Blakely. Love you and your precious family so much!!!!

  10. Courtney, I found myself tearing up reading your story and thinking back to both my kids birth stories! What a wonderful exciting time to be a first time mommy! You are a great mommy and if you ever want/need to talk please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone. I SO wish I lived closer to come hug and love on you and beautiful Miss Blakely. Love you and your precious family so much!!!!

    Have a Wonderful Mother’s Day! xoxo

  11. Hi Courtney! Congratulations on your sweet baby girl!
    Thank you so much for sharing Blakely’s birth story. I can totally identify with terrifying feelings you had when they told you that you had to have a c-section. Also a First time mom, I had a similar experience at the end of February when my son was born. They tried everything to get him to engage in the birth canal (I was completely dilated at that point thanks to pitocin) but he had his head turned at an angle and every time the midwife would turn his head, he would just turn it back. They called the doctor in and he called c-section due to baby’s heart rate dropping. I started bawling my eyes out, I was not prepared at all for a c-section. It was scary because it was an emergency and I was rushed across the hall to the OR and in 5 minutes the baby was out! I almost passed out from low blood pressure so when the anesthesiologists (who were incredible and held my hands during the whole ordeal) asked if I could hear my baby crying I was in a complete fog, I couldn’t hear him :-( and I didn’t get to see him for over an hour. It felt like forever!

    Agreed that the recovery begins when you leave the hospital. We spent a week at the hospital because baby had an infection and I have never been so happy to come home! After that things got a lot better!!

  12. She is absolutely gorgeous – I can relate with having a c-section – mine were planned on account of a medical condition but I HATED having to be in the hospital with all those nurses poking and pulling and all that. Glad you’re recovering and enjoying your little baby girl!

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  14. Cassandra says:

    Your story is a precious one. Sending all my best wishes to you and your whole family. Xoxo

  15. it sounds like you just did exactly what should. go with the flow! I’m so happy for you!!

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