DIY: How to Make Lace Rosettes

Learn how to make your own lace rosettes, a sweet craft you can use to embellish various projects, garlands, home decor, and more!

DIY Lace Rosettes

These lace rosettes are such a sweet detail to tie on to a gift, use in a party garland, or use for home decor. They’re also super simple to make!

Lace Rosette DIY

Lace Rosettes Step-by-Step Tutorial

How to Make Lace Rosettes

Here is the finished rosette! Isn’t is pretty?

Lace Rosette

You can recreate this with lace of any color or pattern! The tutorial is the same.

DIY Lace Rosettes

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DIY Lace Rosettes
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DIY Lace Rosettes

Learn how to make lace rosettes with this easy step-by-step tutorial.
Prep Time10 mins
Total Time10 mins
Yield: 1 rosette


  • 1 piece Lace at least 10 inches long and 1 1/2 inches wide (if you go much wider then you have to change the way they are made)
  • Embroidery thread in the same color as the lace (I used two small strands from one piece, as I wanted it stronger than thread)
  • Embroidery needle
  • Scissors


  • Tie a thick knot at the end of your thread, and thread through the end of the lace ribbon.
  • Weave the needle in and out of the lace ribbon about every 1/4 inch.
  • Pull thread through, and continue weaving in and out.
  • At about 5 inches, straighten out the lace ribbon to make sure all the thread is pulled through and the ribbon lays flat.
  • Start pushing down the lace ribbon while pulling the thread tight – this will form the rosette. This is also a good spot to gauge how much more weaving, if any, you might have to do.
  • If it is needed, continue weaving the needle and thread in and out of the lace ribbon.
  • Once the circle is complete, lay it down and figure out where you want the ends to meet. Be sure to line up the ends here.
  • Once you decide on an ending point, thread the needle through both layers of lace ribbon a couple times to join them together.
  • Trim off the excess ribbon.
  • Finish the rosette with a knot in back.

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  1. So cute! It would be fun to make different sizes and layer them and then bedazzle the middle! I think I will try this!

    1. Wow so easy and very pretty. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Naomi/Enchanted Dream Weddings & Affairs says:

    So very cute!! I bet even my two thumbs could do this!

  3. adore!!! had i seen this a few months ago no doubt there would have been lace rosettes all over my wedding! xo

  4. Yay! I have been waiting for this tutorial! Going to the craft store tomorrow to try it out! Just so cute :)

  5. SO CUTE. love this idea! i’m DIY-tarded and I’m pretty sure even i could do these…excellent.

  6. Jenny @ Hank and Hunt says:

    Love love love this! I’ve made rosettes before but never thought of using lace… Gorgeous!!!! Brilliant idea!

  7. I am absolutely in LOVE with these! I must try them this weekend. :)

  8. Elizabeth says:

    Beautiful! Thanks for the tutorial!
    Elizabeth x

  9. Awesome tutorial….THANKS for sharing!!!

  10. I have to make 5 wristlets for mothers of the bride & groom, a step-mother, & grandmothers for my granddaughters wedding. It is vintage theme. We had planned to use a flower with cameo brooch in the center for the mothers & regular brooches for grandmothers. I am seriously considering making these in 2 different size & colored layers with the brooches in the center. I think it would be beautiful on the antigue pearl wristlets. If she approves, I’ll post pictures.

  11. Gayle van Heerden says:

    None of the images or photos are displayed except your own face photo.
    How do I open the images that are part of the tutorial?

    1. Hi Gayle, I’m so sorry, I see this and I’m looking in to why the photos aren’t showing up.

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