Free Easter Photo Booth Printables!

Free Easter Photo Printables 

Easter is on its way! Hippity Hop Hop! I actually can’t even believe Easter is next month (even though it’s not until the 20th of April) because Easter arriving means my due date is just around the corner – AAH! Too much to do! Speaking of, I wanted to announce I’ve been asked to join eHow as not only a contributor for recipes/crafts but on their new eHow Mom site! As you know, Pizzazzerie is all things entertaining + PARTIES! It will stay that way, but I’m so excited to have an outlet for sharing all the pregnancy updates, nursery sneak peeks, and baby things!

  • Read my first post for eHow Mom here!
  • Get the free Easter Photo Booth Printables seen above here! Enjoy setting up an adorable Easter Photo Booth!

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  1. Hollie Chang says:

    Thank you for sharing these adorable printables! Please forgive me for asking, but I can’t seem to find the link to print them…. I’ve clicked on eHow already.

    Thanks for you help, and again, I’m sorry if I’m just not very technogically savvy :)

    1. Starting on slide 3 on eHow, the various PDFs of the printables are listed there. Slides 3 and on.

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