DIY: Charming Ginger Ladies

gingerbread cookies

Charming Ginger Ladies

Ginger ladies may have an attitude but they will surely be the hit of the party.  Their fragrance fills the room of sweet gingerbread.  All dressed up and ready to go home as a unique gift.  These sassy potpourri ladies are perfect for little girls and big girls and guaranteed to put a smile on everybody’s face.  Drop them into a clear cello bag, tie a big red bow and you have an unforgettable gift.

How to Make:

1          recipe of Gingerbread House Dough
1          recipe of Royal Icing

Assortment of Christmas fabric scraps, feathers, beads, buttons, old lace, ribbons, and even tiny pressed flowers or cloves

Hot Glue Gun

One recipe of gingerbread house dough will yield 8 ladies and 8 stands. Draw a doll’s pattern (about 6 inches tall) and make templates (ovals or squares = about 3 inches long) out of stiff cardboard.  Follow the directions for making one recipe of dough.  Roll the dough and cut the ladies and stands using your templates.  Continue cutting and baking until all of the dough is used.  While the ginger ladies and stands are cooling, make one recipe of Royal Icing for securing the lady to the stand.  Apply a small amount of icing on the stand and place the lady in the icing.  Support the lady to allow drying for 24 hours. Use drinking glasses as supports, one on each side works well. Make sure the ladies are straight because the icing will be hard by the next day. The gingerbread ladies become rock hard in several days.  Use your imagination to accessorize.  A hot glue gun can be used to secure the hats and coats to the ladies.  The fragrant whole spices in the dough turn these ladies into a wonderful Christmas potpourri.  They will have a glorious time attending any party and then going home with your guests as a favor.  Can you think of anyone who wouldn’t like one of these ladies?  They also make perfect gifts for friends in hospitals and retirement centers.

Gingerbread House Dough

3 ½      cups flour, all-purpose

1          teaspoon baking soda

½         teaspoon salt

1          teaspoon ginger

1          teaspoon nutmeg

1          teaspoon cinnamon

½         teaspoon allspice

½         teaspoon cloves

½         cup butter, softened

½         cup light brown sugar, firmly packed

½         cup light corn syrup

1/3       cup water

Blend together the flour, baking soda, salt, ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice, and cloves until well mixed.  Set this flour mixture aside.  Next combine the butter, brown sugar, corn syrup, and water in a large bowl and beat with a mixer at medium speed until combined.  Stir in the flour mixture

and work with your hands until the dough becomes smooth in consistency.  Add a little more water if needed.  Place the dough on a floured board and roll out to 1/4-inch thickness.  Cut out desired shapes.

Royal Icing Glue

2          large egg whites

1          16-ounce box powdered sugar

1          tablespoon water

Beat egg whites and water until foamy.  Add sugar and beat until fluffy with soft peaks.  The recipe makes about 2 1/2 cups of icing.  If icing is not stiff enough, just add a little more sugar.  If too stiff, add a little water, 1 teaspoon at a time.  Since it dries quickly, keep the icing covered with a damp cloth while working.  Do not make too far ahead.

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