DIY Halloween White Ghosts


Thanks to the talented crew at Country Living for what might be the easiest DIY Halloween decoration I’ve seen! These cute + simple white ghosts are made in just a few simple steps…

White Tissue Paper Bells {Find them online at LunaBazaar}
Black Construction Paper
Glue Dots {Glue Dots Online}
Cheese Cloth {check your local fabric store for larger amounts}

1. Cut out oval shaped eyes and oval shaped mouth from black construction paper.
2. Use glue dots to adhere the eyes + mouth to the white tissue paper bells.
3. Drape square of cheese cloth over tissue paper bell.

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    1. I did these this past Halloween and instead of using cheese cloth I used silver and white sheets of tulle they turned our very nice.

  1. Marlene flavin says:

    I’ve saved this on my iPad for a project to do with my granddaughters next Halloween. Marvelous idea and easy enough for them. Thanks

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