{Holiday} Duct Tape goes Designer!

You all know my love for washi tape so it’s no surprise I’ve now fallen in love with crafting of a different sort – duct tape! Oh yes, what you used to use for holding industrial type things together has now gone DESIGNER. We’re talking adorable crafts, holiday DIYs, + more. Thanks to Platypus Designer Duct Tape®, you can win 8 rolls of your choice to get crafting so be sure to enter below…

Duct Tape Goes DesignerPlatypus Designer Duct Tape® is seriously on my wish list. Watch out hubs, I might tape the whole house. Imagine the things you could enhance with these cute patterns? Like….make GINGERBREAD HOUSES! The pink polka dot one? My fave! What a fun idea! Visit their blog for more crafting ideas (like cupcake toppers, cupcake liners, clutches, wallets, centerpieces, oh my!)

These gingerbread houses are made with DUCT TAPE!

Designing And Crafting with Duct Tape!

Click here for the full Gingerbread House Template + Crafting Instructions! How cute would it be to let all your kids or grandkids make their own gingerbread house? Oh the possibilities! Click here to SHOP!
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  1. This is a real cute idea. Never thought to use duct tape (or any other type of craft tape) to decorate gingerbread houses! Thanks for the inspiration. Checking out their site now!

  2. Lisa Brakebill says:

    My step-daughter is the duct tape queen! I love the metal looking one! Great for guys wallets!

  3. I’m not sure of all the ones I would choose, but I LOVE the houndstooth and green combo pack…gorgeous! My daughter duct tape’s everything now and she would LOVE the chevron!

  4. kathy joyce says:

    i like the hearts and paisley best!

  5. Raina DelRio says:

    I would choose: Pool Chevron, Argyle, Jolly Roger, Everyday Gingham, Candy Cane Stripe, Pink Polka Dot, Purple Polka Dot, and Houndstooth.

  6. Angela Arthur says:

    I would definitely choose:
    Sour Apple Linen, Orange Linen, White Linen, Pink polka dot, Purple polka dot, Leopard, Houndstooth and Snowflake.

  7. Suzi Ortiz says:

    I love duct tape! LOL! I wouldn’t even know which ones I would choose! I am almost out of the leopard print, so that one for sure. Anything pink is always great :)

  8. The pink polka dot is my absolute favorite but I’m going crazy thinking of all the fun things we could make with that candy cane stripe tape right now!
    Thank you!

  9. LOVE them all! but i think chevron is my fav…but i could use all of them…as i am a taper :) love creating :)

  10. Sheila Schilling says:

    WOW – Eight rolls – what an awesome giveaway. I would pick Snowflake, Purple Polka Dot, Summer Grass, Blue Paisley, Diamond Plate, Sour Apple Linen, I Heart Tape, and Jolly Roger.

  11. It’s a tough decision between Diamond Plate and Blue Paisley…but Blue Paisley! Have a design comin’ up that it would be perfect for!

  12. Definitely the two gingham patterns and the chevron. For the others, probably wicker, wood grain, hearts, and a couple solids. :)

  13. Stephanie Smith says:

    I am a preschool teacher and would love a roll of each to make crafts and decorations for my room and students. I especially live the pink polka dots and teal zigzags!

  14. Audrey Parsell says:

    I have used this tape and would recommend it anyone! my favorite out of all of them are the hearts and the chevron ;)

  15. I love the candy cane stripe and everyday gingham! I have been eyeing some designer duct tapes!

  16. My daughter would FREAK if I won this giveaway!!! I love the I Heart, Pool Chevron, Sour Apple Linen, Denim, Summer Grass, Candy Cane, Picnic Gingham, and Houndstooth!! I want them ALL :)

  17. chevron duck tape…yes please!

  18. Polka dots polks dots polka dots!!!!!!! Oh, and polka dots!

  19. Looks like fun! Would love to try it.

  20. kelly thompson says:

    love the polka dots and paisly

  21. I love the pink polka dots!

  22. Venus Pascal says:

    Love how today you can find creative things to do with duct tape of all things…who would’ve thought…..

  23. Maria Alvarado says:

    love so many… i love the snow flake, the real leopard design, Jolly Roger, candy cane stripe

  24. Derek Ross says:

    Love the polka dots!

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