Joyeux Noel Holiday Desserts: Part 2

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Joyeux Noel Holiday Desserts: Part 2

If you missed Part 1 of this Joyeux Noel Holiday Dinner Party then click here because you in for a TREAT! Paula of Frog Prince Paperie is one stylish designer who set up this gorgeous holiday table for her family. It was so gorgeous, in fact, that we had to split it up! Here, we are showcasing the holiday sweet treats. And read down to learn how you can host a Joyeux Noel Dinner Party for a FABULOUS CAUSE!

Paula shared with us some of her favorite holiday memories…

“I still remember sitting in the kitchen with my brother Sean after making my first Sherry Almond Pie from Grandma Nita. We both took a bite, and immediately said to each other, “Tastes like Grandma’s house.” Jambalaya reminds me of 300 year old oak trees, dripping Spanish moss, and the scent of humidity and magnolias. The fragrant sweet smell of Aunt Rochelle’s cookies bring me back to the farm house kitchen and the sturdy round wooden table, and Old Bay and a good beer will always take me home to the waterfront of Virginia picking crabs and having laughs with loved ones.

So yes, when we eat, it is more than just sitting down for a good meal. We’re sitting down with our memories, and with the company of good friends and family, making new ones.”


Croque en bouche is such a neat dessert! I have not ventured yet to try my hand at making one, but Paula’s looks DIVINE!

Paula shared,

“When it comes to dessert, I always want a little bit of everything. So I made my usual holiday favorites and made them bite-sized. The croquembouche was a new adventure, but very worth the effort and singed fingers! I set all our treats in Scott’s great grandmother’s secretary. When it was refinished, I wouldn’t let them do the inside, as I loved the worn wood from all the letters Scott’s grandmother wrote at the desk. This was a beautiful dark backdrop for our sweets!”

desserts desk

We are SO lucky to have the RECIPE for Grandma Nita’s Almond Sherry Pie! Thank you Paula!

Grandma Nita’s Sherry Almond Pie

1 9-inch pie shell or graham cracker crust

3 eggs, separated

½ cup milk

¾ cup sugar (divided in 2 equal parts)

1 envelope Knox gelatin dissolved in ¼ cup water

3 oz. Cream cheese

1/3 cup sherry

1 tsp almond extract

Mix egg yolks, beaten, half the sugar, and the milk. Cook over low heat until it

thickens slightly. Add the gelatin and cook until dissolved. Add the cream

cheese and beat until smooth. Cool. Add the sherry and almond extract.

Beat the 3 egg whites with a pinch of cream of tartar until stiff. Gradually

add the remainder of the ¾ cup of sugar and beat until meringue is very stiff.

Fold into the cooled custard and pour into the pie shell. Refrigerate till pie is

firm. Cover with whipped topping. Sprinkle with sliced almond when ready

to serve. Keep leftovers refrigerated.

This is definitely something I will be trying this holiday season!

And guess what?! The printables used in Paula’s dinner party are available in her etsy shop!

Joyeux Noel Printable Christmas Dinner - DIY - Charity listing

Joyeux Noel Printable Christmas Dinner - DIY - Charity listing

ALL profits will be donated to the Alzheimer’s Association. So host a holiday dinner party for a fabulous cause!

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  1. That croquembouche looks delightful! They are beyond delicious! I love the sweet color palette, too! {A}

  2. Absolutely LOVE this Dinner Party! The details are gorgeous and I want to eat every dessert! :)

  3. Paula is just amazing. Everything she touches turns to gold! The dinner and dessert tables are stunning, I LOVE the colors, and I think the food label cards are just lovely.

  4. This is just so pretty! I can’t tell you how much I wanted a croquembouche at my wedding, but it just didn’t end up happening. :( At least Paula’s provided some gorgeous eye candy for inspiration! Thanks for sharing!

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