Push-Up Pops for Valentine’s Day! + Free Printable!

Cute Valentine's Day Push-Up Pops with Freebie Tag!

Hey ya’ll! I’m just TICKLED PINK to share this Valentine’s Day Push-Up Pop treat! My dear friend Kori Clark of Paper & Pigtails came to me with this darling “I am a Push Over For You, Valentine!” idea so I whipped up some sweet treats (in heart shaped push-up pops that are now available – yay). Kori is such a talent and is so generous to give away these cute tags for free so click below to download and print yours! The how-to is below so keep on reading…

FREEBIE DOWNLOAD | Push-Up Pop Valentine’s Day Tag

Cute Valentine's Day Push-Up Pop Tags | FREE Download!

Now for the recipe! It’s quite easy and the best part about this cute Valentine’s is that you can fill push-up pops with ANYTHING from cake and frosting like I did to simple red and pink candies if you’re on a time crunch. You can use regular round push-up pops OR cute HEART-SHAPED ones like I used below.

Heart Shaped Push-Up Pops! To make the push-up pops (the process is the same whether you use a round or heart shaped pop), pour your cake batter into a rimmed cookie sheet (or jelly roll pan). Use a white cake recipe (I used this one but you could also use a cake mix).  Add in a few drops of pink food gel while mixing.

How to Make Pink Cake! Use the push-up pop container to pop out heart (or round) shapes of cake! Easy peasy.

How to make Pink Heart Push-Up Pops

Fill a layer of cake into the bottom of your push-up pop. Like so…

Heart Push-Up Pops

After your layer of cake, pipe in in a layer of frosting. It’s easiest if you pipe it rather than try to spoon it in. If you don’t have piping bags and all that jazz, just use a Ziploc and cut the corner with scissors. This will help clean the edges of your push-up pop clean.

Next, pull out decorations! If you’re like me, you own far too many holiday ribbons and sprinkles. It’s like an addiction. So I rounded up all my Valentine’s Day goodies and picked out my fave pink and white heart ribbon to tie on the tag. You could also use baker’s twine or any ribbon your heart desires. As for sprinkles? Well, go to town and get creative! I loved the pops of aqua in the mini heart sprinkles I found at Target!

Valentine's Craft Supplies

All done! Seriously, I think they are the cutest Valentine’s ever. I’m a little biased, but still! Hope you enjoyed them + the freebie tags, huge thanks to Kori Clark of Paper & Pigtails for designing and giving them away!

Stay tuned for more cute Valentine’s Day Ideas!

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  1. cute heart push up pop tags? cute heart shaped mini cakes? heart shaped push up pops?!?! oh my heart be still!!!

    1. Hey all, we are limited in inventory on the heart shaped push pop containers. We currently have only a few pallets left in our warehouse. Valentines day is huge for our new heart shaped containers.
      For all of Courtney’s fans, we will have a coupon code starting tonight. January 14th. Use coupon code ” HEART” and save an extra 5% off your order: ) Courtney Rocks!!!

  2. Love the push up pops idea for valentines. What a creative yet super cute way to present a valentine treat. Looks amazing yet yummy!

  3. These are so adorable! I am loving the incorporation of the blue in these Valentine’s Day treats. Well done!

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