Engagement Pictures by Kate Whitmore

chris + courtney

Though I prefer to have every single post dedicated to entertaining + parties, I did want to sneak in a few of the engagement pictures shot by the fabulous Kate Whitmore Photography! She’s not only a talented photographer but also my future sister in law and one of my new best friends who continuously makes me smile and adore my new family! We headed out along with her husband, Brett (my fiance’s brother) to right outside of Arrington Vineyards in Franklin, TN  at sunset. Despite the fact that it was literally 99 degrees, we had a blast loving and laughing.

Without further ado, here is a peek beyond my “Pizzazzerie” life (one that is happily full of wedding dress shopping, book writing, puppy walking, and fiance cuddling) … :)

Images by Kate Whitmore Photography

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  1. These are beautiful Courtney! I am so excited for you both. I am going to be celebrating my 17th anniversary..best thing I ever did was marrying my man. Congrats!

  2. What wonderful photos! Has anyone ever told you you look like Audrey Hepburn??!!

    1. Well my goodness, you’ve just my entire week. No one has ever told me that, but I’m not beaming :)

  3. Courtney, these are stunning! You two make such a cute couple. The 5th photo is my fav, adorable! Congrats again, my sweet friend.

  4. So gorgeous, Courtney! You are both so stunning and photogenic. The 11th photo (in black and white) is my favorite! It’s so wonderful seeing you and Chris so happy together :) I wish you both nothing but the best!!!

  5. Yes, Kristen – you’re totally right about Audrey Hepburn! Gorgeous, Courtney – I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you two! I love that you included the pup, too:)

  6. You are the cutest couple. Kate Whitmore Photography did a stunning job. I wish you the very best for your bright future. Congratulations!

  7. Jess@DestinationInspirations says:

    Courtney – these are so beautiful! congrats and though I love seeing all your party ideas wonderful that you shared your e-session

  8. Tears just streamed down my face, Courtney! I am beyond happy for you my sweet friend. I saw this coming and I knew that the “cutest boy that you ever saw” {remember you wrote that} was going to propose. You both look like two people so happy and so much in love it LEAPS from the images and touches us all. Oh and the ring…ummmmm WHOA!! Gorgeous! Cannot wait to see you at the wedding! So happy for you and the sweets! My heart smiling, too! Ahhh ain’t love grand! Yes indeed it is!!

  9. Love!!!
    You guys look perfect together!! I always say if you could pass as brother/sister it’s forever!

  10. Such beautiful pics with quite the handsome couple – not to mention the signature Pizzazzerie-green props… too presh!

  11. Stunning!!! And LOOOOK at the RING! Such a great choice. So happy for you guys.
    To many many more happy reasons to hold a photo session, in health, success, and surrounded by loving family and friends.

  12. These are adorable Courtney… as are you!! You’re going to make the prettiest bride!!! Congrats again!

  13. Too cute!!! You two are so good looking together ;) Cannot wait for your wedding!

  14. I’m speechless!! What a gorgeous couple! The pictures are perfect. Kate did an amazing job.

  15. Georgiana Taulbee says:

    LOVE these!! Thank you so much for sharing!! They are beautiful!!

  16. Congratulations! These photos are real keepsakes! Wish you both a future filled with love, happiness and joy!

  17. Beautiful pics!!! I love the one with you guys laying on the ground and your heads are right beside each other!! Adorable! I also really like the black and whites and the last one with your silhouettes. Beautiful!! :)

  18. What beautiful photos Courtney – and you are absolutely adorable. I LOVE your hair and the cardigan – super sweet photos of the two of you. Congrats

  19. These photos are great! They are natural and loving and give back the atmosphere I would hope to have with my Mr. Big one day. Congratulations on the engagement!

  20. Oh how lovely Courtney!! So happy for you both!!

    LOVE the balloon pics!! :)


  21. Congratulations! Gorgeous photos Courtney, love love. Wish you both love, happiness and success. Blessings xo

  22. You might just be the cutest person ever. You are absolutely beaming in those photos!! I am beyond thrilled for you and all your amazing successes in life! You are a star and an adorable one at that!

  23. These pictures and you are simply beautiful just like all of your work! You are amazing and I’m so happy for you. I look forward to seeing all of your upcoming wedding parties…… then baby showers ! :)

  24. BEAUTIFUL pics! How lucky you are to have a “built in” photographer. :) I think family has the BEST angle on any love story! Congrats!

  25. Stephanie Creekmur says:

    I love the silhouette shot! Beautiful photos! Congrats! :)

  26. Katherine Bailey says:

    Congrats!! I love the photo of you both with the puppy…cute!

  27. Kerri Zelenik says:

    Love these…beautiful!

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