Witches Dinner Party

witches dinner party for halloween

Witches Halloween Dinner Party Pictures

glittered purple hanging chandelier for halloween witches shoe

Witches Halloween Dinner Party Pictures

Witches Halloween Dinner Party Pictures

Witches Halloween Dinner Party Pictures

Witches Halloween Dinner Party Pictures

Witches Halloween Dinner Party Pictures

Witches Halloween Dinner Party Pictures

Witches Halloween Dinner Party Pictures

Witches Halloween Dinner Party Pictures

Witches Halloween Dinner Party Pictures

Witches Dinner Party

Photography by Kristen Steele Photography

Inspired by these cute witches wine labels from PaperStyle, I designed a Witches Dinner Party shoot to inspire you for the upcoming Halloween season! I love that this label also comes in invitations so you can send them out to your favorite girlfriends. They can park their brooms at the door, and enjoy a night of spooky sips and tasty treats!

These fun lime green chargers were found at the fabulous Hobby Lobby. They also come in a couple other bright and fun colors! My Mom had these fun black and white swirled plates that worked perfectly for a spooky twist to the place setting. A simple black tablecloth topped with a purple Halloween fabric overlay set the stage for our dinner party. The glittered chandeliers hung from the ceiling were found for just $2.50 at Target – amazing! I snatched up a ton of them when I saw them and have since used them for a Parisian “Black & Purple” Birthday Party for my best friend.

I also hung fun witches shoe ornaments from spooky black trees – the shoe ornaments are fun favors for your guests at the end of the night! No witch should fly away empty-handed :) The centerpiece witches shoe came from Pier1 – a store I am all kinds of in love with! Adding in a few other fun props like the Witches Cupcakes in mini martinis and Witches Cupcake Skewers and we were all done!

Sample Menu Ideas

Green Witches Brew Cocktail

1 oz Vodka
1 oz Rum
1 oz Midori melon liqueur (for the fun green color, or add food coloring to any type of liqueur)

Shake vodka, rum, and liqueur and pour over ice in a highball or martini glass.
Fill with lemonade.

Mini Witches Broom Treats

Fruit by the Foot Roll
Thin Pretzels

For each one, cut a 2-inch length from a roll of Fruit by the Foot.
With the shorter ends on the side, fringe the bottom of the strip (leaving a 1/4-inch border uncut along the top) to create thin broom bristles.
Then moisten the upper edge of the fruit with a drop of water and tightly wrap it around one end of a thin pretzel-stick broom handle.
– Recipe & Image: FamilyFun.Go.Com

Cackling Crackers and Full Moon Dip

I love the idea of using food coloring to die your food for Halloween. It’s the perfect way to get the spooky colors. Black food coloring or food gel is used here to make crackers. And a hot chicken dip or cheese dip would be perfect! Find the recipe for this image here.

Witch Cupcakes

Pick up the latest issue of Country Living for a how-to on these fun Witch Silhouette Cupcakes!

mini witches brooms



  1. 1

    SO CUTE!

  2. 2

    Courtney fabulous job! Such great inspiration.

  3. 3

    Absolutely love the cocktail napkins and color scheme!

  4. 4

    Fun, fun, fun!! :)

  5. 5

    LOVE it! I would have such a great time at this party!

  6. 6

    I love your site! I featured a party you did on my blog today and linked and credited back to you. I’d love to do the same for this party.

    How did you make the witch hats on top of the cupcake? It looks like an Oreo and a chocolate Kiss maybe topped by another chocolate Kiss?

    I love your site!

    • 7

      Hey – the hat is an oreo cookie and a bugle corn chip dipped in chocolate. The bugle corn chip is
      made by General Mills and they are perfect shapes for a witches hat!
      Thank you – glad you are enjoying Pizzazzerie.

  7. 8

    Awesome. My daughter (11) is also in “awe”

  8. 9

    This is just too much fun! What a great spread!

  9. 10

    I just want to say I’m a daily visitor of your site and absolutely love it! I live in Germany so it’s hard for me to find some of the products you mention but I am dying to find those cute little witch hats placed on the center of the table on top of the mirror?

    Kind regards,

  10. 12

    I love your tablescape. It is perfectly done. I love love love the black and white swirl plates and would love to know where your mom bought them. We will be hosting a witch party next year, so I will keep your ideas in my file.

    I want to thank you for linking to a recipe on the Hungry Halloween site. I’m so glad you found my site and like the recipe enough to add it to your list of fun witch recipes. I don’t know if you have stopped by recently but I also made a witch hat out of a cheese ball. It is simple and really fun. Your ideas are fantastic and I will stop by often.

  11. 14

    So I posted this party on my blog today. I’m drooling over your talent. Thanks for the quick reply about the Bugles used for the witch hat on the Oreo. :) I love the swirly plates and if you know what brand they are, I’d love to know. Also, where did you find the little witch boot tree ornaments. Thanks for having such great ideas and sharing sources. LOVE THIS SITE!

  12. 17

    Oh~ I love it! Those little cupcake skewers are so adorable!

  13. 18

    This is so adorable!!! What a perfect party for a girl’s night in! I’m inspired to decorate for Halloween now, thanks Courtney!

  14. 19

    wowwwwwww fantastic!!!!

  15. 20

    Love every detail! I want to go to a witch’s dinner party now. I posted a link on my Edible Crafts blog, too (ediblecrafts.craftgossip.com)

  16. 21

    I love this dinner party! It would be so much fun to attend a party like this!

  17. 22

    Wow! How much fun is this??? Witchy Woman, you did a FANTASTIC job! — and now I see whose been buying all those glittery chandeliers from Target!!

  18. 23
    Michelle Mospens says:

    Drink up witches!? Oh my gosh. This tablescape is amazing. Excellent work Courtney!

  19. 24

    This is so beautiful and unique! I love the cocktails!!! I need one right about now ;-)
    Awesome work, as always!

  20. 25

    I love this table, well done!! I wanted to know where I can get the swirl plates!! I have to add these to my collection!! Thank you.


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