DIY Piñata Party Invitation!

This festive idea is from another one of our new contributors – Sara of Confetti Sunshine! Look for her posts on Pizzazzerie + check her out at on CS!

How to make a DIY Pinata Invitation!

Everyone loves a pinata! Drum up the excitement for your next party by making these fabulous DIY pinata invitations. You can easily match any party decoration or theme just by changing the tissue paper color. Your guests will be impressed and be talking about your party even before it started.

To make your own DIY pinata invitation you will need:

How to make a DIY Pinata Invitation!

1 – Print out 2 of the pinata printable and cut them out. Glue them together with the directions on the printable.

2 – Before you completely glue your pinata together, string a piece of string through the top of the pinata. Leave at least 6 inches of string inside the pinata. Glue at the top of the pinata to hold the string in place.

3 – Finish gluing the pinata together.

4 – Cut fringe out of the tissue paper. Glue the tissue paper onto the pinata. Completely cover the entire pinata.

5 – Print the invitation banner printable. Cut out the invitation, fill in the details and fold in half lengthwise.

6 – Punch a hole at the top of the invitation banner and tie to the string on the inside of the pinata.

7 – Stuff the invitation banner and confetti on the inside of the pinata.

8 – Tie some string around a piece of tape and tape your pinata close.

9 – Enjoy!

How to make a DIY Pinata Invitation!




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    Love this idea!


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