Dr. Seuss Baby Shower

We are loving this adorable Dr. Seuss baby shower sent in by desert table style maven, Heather Equitz of Heather Equitz Designs! From the “hop on popcorn” to the “Truffula Trees”, Heather didn’t miss a detail– all things Seuss were represented on this clever + cute dessert table! Such a bright and fun idea for your next gathering!

Leaving no page unturned, Heather poured over all the classic Seuss books to make sure everything on the table fit the Seuss theme, making sure to include all the favorites, as well as some lesser-known stories from the Cat in the Hat king!

Read on for details from Heather herself…

“All of the printables for the desserts are a reflection of the story art and are themed after different books. Some of the desserts included were Cat in the Hat cake pops, Green Egg Oreos, Hop on Pop popcorn cones, Ten Apple “Pies” Up On Top served with “Yertle’s Turtle Mud” (caramel sauce), Solla Sollew Marshmallow Stuffed Pillows, and Star and Plain bellied cake pops.”


“I wasn’t able to do a backdrop, so I made “Truffula Trees” out of some tissue poms and curly decor sticks from IKEA… I loved them! My favorite part of the table was the smallest part… in the flower centerpiece I made some “Horton clovers” and on one of those clovers was the tiny speck (sugar pearl). All it took was one person to notice it and the news quickly spread….. ahhhh, details make me smile!”

CREDITS: Styling + Design: Heather Equitz Designs

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    • 7

      Jennifer says

      Can you give details for the green eggs? They look amazing!! Where is the oreo, Are they gum balls on top?

      Hoe did you stripe the cake pop hats?

      I would love to make both of these for Dr Suess week at school. Thanks!!

      • 8

        Michelle E. says

        These ideas are so great! I too am interested in how you made the cat in the hat pops and the green eggs & ham (I mean oreos :O). Would love the recipes to make for Dr Seuss week at school next week.

  1. 9

    Vivian says

    I am going to be having a baby shower for my daughter in Jan. I would love to use these ideas. Is there any way to get the recipes?

  2. 16


    Hi Cassie, This was a submission and all credits can be viewed at the bottom of every submission. Check down at the bottom to see who created those – then it will have a link to their website where you can find their contact information.

  3. 17

    Carolyn Simmermon says

    I am giving a shower on March 31, 2012 and love your ideas. I would love to know how you make the Green Eggs and Ham oreos and cake pops? Is there any way I can get these recipes? What a great presentation!

  4. 21

    Lisa says

    Was wondering how you made all the name cards that goes
    with each food and treat……like “Fish in a Pot” with the picture
    of the fish. They are so cute.

  5. 22

    Stacy says

    I was wondering where you got your printables for all the different foods? They are perfect for a friends shower next month! Also how do you make your green eggs and oreos? Thanks!! You are very talented!

  6. 23

    Krysten Nyquist says

    This was such a wonderful idea! I would very much love to use your idea if you wouldn’t mind. Please send me an email, I have a ton of questions for you. Please and Thank You!! :)

  7. 24


    I was wondering how you got the stripes on the cake pops? I’ve made the hats but I am having trouble figuring out how to put the stripes on. Can anyone help me out?

  8. 25

    Linley says

    So adorable. Where did you get the printable food labels. i would love to use them at my party? and how do you make the green eggs and oreos. what a great idea!

  9. 29

    Teri Bennati says

    I am doing a Teacher Appreciation week Dr. Suess theme and wondered how you got all the printables? They are incredible!! Cant wait to get started.

  10. 30

    shelby says

    This is awesome. Im planning my baby shower, and love your signs. Where did you get the labels/signs for the food. Where can I download?


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