Glam Spa Party + $150 Party Giveaway!

glam spa girls' party
Not only are we excited to share this Glam Spa Party with you today but we’re also giving you the chance to win $150 worth of fabulous products from Sugarsticks PartiesHappy Little Monkey, and Little Speckled Frog so you can host a party of your own! Jump down to learn how to enter the giveaway or keep reading for more pics + glam spa party details…

Ivona of Sugarsticks Parties shared lots of details about this Glam Spa Party: “Tallahassee recently welcomed it’s first kids only hair salon Rinse & Repeat. The adorably fresh and bright space of the salon really works well for spa parties that Rinse & Repeat offers so it was really easy to brainstorm a Glam Spa themed party that we could shoot in this amazing space. It just so happened that one of our models celebrated her birthday the weekend of the shoot so it really was a birthday celebration!

I knew from the start I wanted to use a lot of BLING detail so I decided on a lighter palette of pale teal and peach pink. The colors worked great in the light filled space, and combined with bling and tulle detail offered a relaxing spa atmosphere. Roses and silver frames added to the glam feeling without overpowering.”

glam spa party
glam children's spa party
glam spa pastel party 3
glam spa pastel party 4
glam spa pastel party 5
glam spa pastel party 6
glam spa pastel party 7

The Food

Rinse & Repeat spa parties happen in the afternoon so it was really important to show a fun twist on everyday foods, instead of just doing a dessert table. Using mini cookie cutters I created bite sized version of PB&J and Nutella sandwiches. I used different fruit jellies and accented each with a piece of fruit held in place with circle toppers. Going with the spa theme we added mini- bite sized cupcakes and mini fruit salad in pastry cups; chocolate truffles replaced regular candies tying in the glam. Disco dust was used in abundance. I used martini glasses with grapes instead of olives for the pink lemonade to again accentuate the GLAM!


The Favors

The favor table was the extension of the food display, using the same white stands. Amazing local vendors, Efil Bath Collection and Little Speckled Frog provided children safe nail polish and an array of handmade soaps as favors. I also wanted to add hand made jewelery and hair pretties as they could easily be turned into party activities for the girls to take home.

The Giveaway

THE WINNER WILL RECEIVE…. (Valued at $150!)
1. From Sugarsticks Parties: printed party pack, choose from one of the existing designs…
– set of 12 invitations with lined envelopes
– set of 12 favor bags
– set of 12 cupcake toppers
– set of 20 stickers
– set of 12 folded labels
– set of 12 flags
– banner
– birthday hat for boy/girl
2. From Happy Little Monkey: a personalized t-shirt $ 19.00 value
3. From Little Speckled Frog: a “Birthday Party Bash” set of Piggy Paint nail polish $25.00 value
To enter to WIN (up to 6 total entries):
1. Visit Sugarsticks Parties shoppe and choose a favorite design, leave a comment letting us know which one you’d choose if you’re the big winner!
2. Visit Happy Little Monkey and choose a favorite item, be sure to leave a separate comment!
3. Visit Little Speckled Frog and pick a favorite Piggy Paint color, leave a comment!
For up to 3 ADDITIONAL entries, if we could do fan on facebook that would be great:
Become a Fan of Sugarstick Parties on Facebook!
Become a Fan of Little Speckled Frog on Facebook!
Become a Fan of Happy Little Monkey on Facebook!

Deadline to enter is Wednesday, June 22nd! Winner will be announced Thursday, June 23rd!

UPDATE: CONGRATULATIONS SAMANTHA CAMPBELL! You are our winner, check your inbox :)


Party décor and styling: Sugarsticks Parties
Fashion: Swanky Baby VintageLittle Speckled FrogHappy Little Monkey
Soap favors: Efil Bath Collection
Cupcakes: Lucy & Leo’s
Photography: Kerrigan Studios
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  1. 2


    Would have to go with the Astronaut Birthday. My son is turning 4 and I just asked him what kinda party he wanted and he said spaceship!

  2. 4

    stephanie rowe miller says

    love the Baby Swaddling Blanket and Burp Cloth Gift Set, in the crab set as shown! very cute!

  3. 6

    stephanie rowe miller says

    at the little speckled frog, i really like the Organic Muslin Swaddling Blanket Set (2pk) – Blue & Brown Dots. my sis is due in nov with her first boy, this would be perfect!

  4. 11

    Sydney Bishop says

    I would for sure get the land of sweets set I have no idea what I would use it for but I love it.

  5. 12

    Sydney Bishop says

    I would probably get the monogrammed market tote from Happy Little Monkey for my daughter so we have somethigng cute and functional to tote her stuff around when we go places.

  6. 13

    Sydney Bishop says

    I would probably get the Forever Fancy Piggy Paint from Little Speckled Frog since it is my daughters favorite color.

  7. 18

    nicole deitrick says

    The Ice Cream and Cake Party Table-blanket Set from Happy Little Monkey is my favorite item from their Etsy shop! this would be the perfect addition to my daughter’s sweets shoppe birthday party.

  8. 31

    Erika says

    Love the Blue Flower Power, Swaddling/Receiving Blanket and Burp Cloth Set at Happy Little Monkey!

  9. 43

    Kristen H. says

    I love the “Pigs and Polka blanket set” from Happy Little Monkey. Oh…and the adorable hair clips!! What a great shop!

  10. 52

    Melanie says

    I love the Chocolate Factory stuff from Sugarsticks. I need to have more kids so I can have more parties.

  11. 55

    KHBride says

    It’s impossible to pick only one design from Sugarsticks Parties shoppe! If I had to…I really like the mod picnic though.

  12. 60

    JJ Glenn says

    The Forever Fancy nailpolish color from the website Little Speckled Frog makes me excited to paint my toes!!

  13. 64


    From Sugar Sticks – I like the Chocolate Factory Birthday Labels.

    Homemaker Honey
    homemakerhoney @gmail .com

  14. 65


    Happy Little Monkey – I like Ice Cream and Cake Party Table-blanket Set.

    Homemaker Honey
    homemakerhoney @gmail .com

  15. 86

    Julie Weisser says

    Visited Sugarsticks Parties shoppe and love the bus art…my 2 year old boy LOVES buses right now.

  16. 87

    Tonya Leigh says

    Been a fan of pizzazerie, just liked sugar stick parties and little speckled frog on FB! LOVE, LOVE!

  17. 91

    Tonya Leigh says

    I’m torn between the hot glam spa or the hot air for me orrrr the camo militarty for the little guy all from sugarstick parties!!

  18. 95

    Tonya Leigh says

    I think my family could get lots of use out of the Happy Birthday Speed Racer (a fabric flag banner)! I see application for Daddy and his mini me!!LOL!

  19. 102


    What a fun party! I love the colors.
    I have visited sugarsticks party and I love the splish splash party. Great for an upcoming neighborhood water party!

  20. 125

    LeAndra Coe says

    Oooh love The Land of Sweets line on Sugarsticks Parties Shoppe if I won! Perfect for my daughter’s 5th bday…

  21. 154

    lizbeth says

    My favorite item from happy little monkey is the blanket purse. I have seen HLM blanket purses at craft shows in town and want one!

  22. 158

    Krystal D says

    I think she (Sugarsticks Parties) has some very cute things But I’m in love with the colors she used for her Glam Spa Party. I love that she did not use a ton of pink. The teal blue is my fav!

  23. 163

    Keisha Albertson says

    My favorite theme from Sugarsticks Parties would definately have to be the “Space” theme!! My son would love this & I havent seen too many parties with this theme yet :)

  24. 165

    Krystal D says

    I just had another little girl a couple weeks ago and I love the Ballerina Silhouettes blanket that Happy Little Monkey has in her shop. I also like the way she markets some of her products. Like the display of the cupcake hairbands in the muffin tin, so cute!

  25. 169

    Krystal D says

    We love Piggy Paint at our house. It’s so safe for kids. We saw it at a store and they showed what regular paint can do to the kids nails. It’s all we use. Our favorite color is the forever fancy.

  26. 172

    Keisha Albertson says

    “Puppy Love, Swaddling Blanket & Burp Cloth” set is my all time favorite from Happy Little Monkey!! So cute, my son has a blue stuffed puppy we got the day we found out we were having a boy…it’s his favorite:)

  27. 177

    Keisha Albertson says

    I am a fan on Facebook of:

    Sugarstick Parties
    Happy Little Monkey
    Little Speckled Frog

  28. 190


    I have a friend who is due in two weeks and I would gift her with Happylittlemonkey’s Cowboy, Swaddling/Receiving Blanket and Burp Cloth Set!

  29. 194

    jackie says

    I visited Sugarsticks Parties shoppe and loved everything! I couldn’t just pick one…lol. The splashcollection and the movie night along with the spa are my faves :)

  30. 204

    Karen N-C says

    At Sugarsticks Parties I would choose…(hard to pick)…Land of Sweets or Glam Spa. I’ll choose GLAM SPA!!!

  31. 206

    Karen N-C says

    In Piggy Paint our favorite “set” is Sea Princess…in “individual color” is Clouds of Candy.

  32. 216

    Lalita Biacchi says

    I just became a fan of all three – Little Speckled Frog, Happy Little Monkey, and SugarSticks parties on Facebook!

  33. 219

    Nicolle S says

    If I were to win I’d love to have the vintage hot air balloon birthday invites from Sugar Sticks!

  34. 220


    I would Love to have the “splash” birthday party design for our ALL family get together in Aug. We all live spread out and we are all getting together for the first time in 4 years. We are doing a birthday party for All 8 of the grandkids :)
    thanks for the opportunity ~

  35. 239

    Liz says

    Love the Glam Spa (and everything else too). The Vintage Air Balloon theme would be really cute for a baby shower also. :-D

  36. 241

    Liz says

    @ Little Speckled Frog… Such a cute site. Love the organic veggie crate. :-) and the organic onesies… my favorite Piggy Paint color is Girl’s Rule. :-)

  37. 243

    Samantha Campbell says

    YAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! My name has never been cuter than it is in that bright red!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! ……now what inbox do I check???!!!


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