Mini Ice Cream Cones

mini ice cream cones wedding

Serve Mini Ice Cream Cones for guests as a late-night treat. These little bites are perfect for summer weddings or outdoor dinner parties. Let guests add toppings from a DIY toppings bar (fill small glass bowls with sprinkles, chocolate chips, fruit, etc). I love this round cone holder with a pedestal but also check online restaurant equipment stores to find other styles of cone holders. You can also make your own by wrapping a box with a colored paper and fixing 1/2″ holes for cones to sit in.

mini ice cream cones wedding

Photo Source: Lori Barbely Photography

Not sure how to create mini ice cream cones? If you want a quick and easy solution to mini ice cream cones and have a Trader Joe’s in your neighborhood, you’re in LUCK! They come in vanilla and chocolate and only 70 calories a cone!

mini ice cream cones from trader joe's

Top Images: Mini Cone Tray: Style Me Pretty | Mini Sprinkled Cones : Natural Wedding Company |Purple Cones: Ritz Carlton, Palm Beach

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  1. 4

    Sandy P. says

    Been looking for these FOREVER!!!! Thank you for this post!!!! Will check out my Trader Joe’s tomorrow….

  2. 9

    Nancy McPherson says

    I have been serving mini cones at parties for years but never had a stand … ordering today so THANK YOU!! I buy my mini cones (not the sugar triangular sugar ones but the traditional cake cone) at Publix. Thanks again!

    • 14


      Hi Sabiha, I have not seen them besides Trader Joe’s. The ones picture above are from catered events. Perhaps other more gourmet grocery stores might have them.

    • 15


      Amazon has them. Unfortunately they only come in a 220 count box and a 900 count box, but if do a lot of entertaining it would be worth it. The brand is Yohay.

  3. 17

    Derice Dehon says

    I cannot find the mini cones. Where do I find them. Trader Joe’s only has the ones with ice cream in them. I want the plains ones and I also want the pedal. tray to serve them in. Can you help. Thanks

  4. 19

    Amy says

    You can find mini sugar cones from this website which I found from a recent Martha Stewart Weddings mag:

    They only come in quantities of $250 for $48 but if you can use them all, it’s worth it!

    Also, Crunchtime popcorn in San Diego can make homemade miniature waffle cones for $1 each and can ship most anywhere:

  5. 20

    Kim says

    Where can I find the cone holders? Preferably ones that hold more than 12 cones per tray. Thanks!

  6. 28

    Karen says

    I am so excited. I love these mini cones.

    I was able to make them myself. I bought a Chef”s Choice Petite Cone Express maker. It’s a mini waffle cone maker, making 3 cones at a time. It comes with a recipe book for both sweet and savory cones, as well as filling ideas. I also found other recipes for “Norwegian” cones. They were very easy to make and were delicious.


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