Mini Ice Cream Cones

mini ice cream cones wedding

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Serve Mini Ice Cream Cones for guests as a late-night treat. These little bites are perfect for summer weddings or outdoor dinner parties. Let guests add toppings from a DIY toppings bar (fill small glass bowls with sprinkles, chocolate chips, fruit, etc). I love this round cone holder with a pedestal but also check online restaurant equipment stores to find other styles of cone holders. You can also make your own by wrapping a box with a colored paper and fixing 1/2″ holes for cones to sit in.

mini ice cream cones wedding

Photo Source: Lori Barbely Photography

Not sure how to create mini ice cream cones? If you want a quick and easy solution to mini ice cream cones and have a Trader Joe’s in your neighborhood, you’re in LUCK! They come in vanilla and chocolate and only 70 calories a cone!

mini ice cream cones from trader joe's

Top Images: Mini Cone Tray: Style Me Pretty | Mini Sprinkled Cones : Natural Wedding Company |Purple Cones: Ritz Carlton, Palm Beach

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  1. Love the idea of holding them up with little chocolate candies. It looks pretty and the kids will probably eat it afterward too – double duty!

    1. Yep, the ones from Trader Joe’s are just a few bites which is perfect for kids! So cute + tiny!

  2. Been looking for these FOREVER!!!! Thank you for this post!!!! Will check out my Trader Joe’s tomorrow….

  3. Umm yummy! I think that says it all…yummy! I cannot eat dairy anymore but I would if I could!

  4. Nancy McPherson says:

    I have been serving mini cones at parties for years but never had a stand … ordering today so THANK YOU!! I buy my mini cones (not the sugar triangular sugar ones but the traditional cake cone) at Publix. Thanks again!

    1. Jennifer MC says:

      Where do you order your mini cones from? I’m having such a hard time finding suppliers!

      1. I would buy regular cones and use a knife to trim them down! I haven’t found a supplier yet for mini cones.

  5. Where can I buy the mini cones from (not the trader joe ones)? Ive never seen them.

    1. Hi Sabiha, I have not seen them besides Trader Joe’s. The ones picture above are from catered events. Perhaps other more gourmet grocery stores might have them.

    2. Amazon has them. Unfortunately they only come in a 220 count box and a 900 count box, but if do a lot of entertaining it would be worth it. The brand is Yohay.

  6. Derice Dehon says:

    I cannot find the mini cones. Where do I find them. Trader Joe’s only has the ones with ice cream in them. I want the plains ones and I also want the pedal. tray to serve them in. Can you help. Thanks

  7. Hi-
    Where can I find the cone holders? Preferably ones that hold more than 12 cones per tray. Thanks!

      1. Hi,\

        Thanks very much for the info. One more question; are any of the trays better for passing as opposed to stationary? Thanks again!

  8. Jcappellano says:

    Where can I purchase these mini cones?

    1. Swiss Chalet Fine Foods has a website (

  9. Capt-wife says:

    Where can I get the cones holder?

  10. I am so excited. I love these mini cones.

    I was able to make them myself. I bought a Chef”s Choice Petite Cone Express maker. It’s a mini waffle cone maker, making 3 cones at a time. It comes with a recipe book for both sweet and savory cones, as well as filling ideas. I also found other recipes for “Norwegian” cones. They were very easy to make and were delicious.

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