Watermelon Mojito Pops

watermelon mojito pop

Watermelon mojito pops

I absolutely adore coming across a fabulous site to add to my ever-growing list of favorite blogs! Sugar + Charm is definitely at the top now! Serving up sweet recipes + charming craft ideas that are perfect for every occasion. My new obsession? The Watermelon Mojito Pops that author Eden whipped up! Tropical in color and the perfect amount of sweetness for a summer treat. These are right down my alley. Imagine the possibilities of changing out a few flavors for raspberry mojito pops, strawberry mojito pops…you get the idea!

watermelon mojito popsicles

Just a few sweet ingredients (fresh fruit, agave nectar, club soda, etc) will make 10 of these frozen beauties for your next outdoor dinner party. You can even find popsicle freezing trays at your local dollar store! Fresh mint leaves add a pop of color and flavor for a refreshing treat. Serve these up after dinner to keep guests cool and refreshed outdoors. So head over to Sugar and Charm for the full recipe + details!

mojito pops

Enjoy your weekend!
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